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DIY fixing issues with hardware and D2D


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Been meaning to post this for a while about my DIY adventures, D2D fun plus some input from support; seems a few other folk would have benefited from it so here it is, hopefully this helps someone & saves a few $$$ - which you can then spend in the store :)

The hardware comments are all OOW btw, I would not advocate taking your kit apart that is in warranty... :)

All the manuals and guides are here: https://support.kaleidescape.com/WS_DocumentTab


  • DVD/BR cleaning discs do not seem to do much - least not like they do with the other players. However, they can't do any harm.
  • There is minimal leeway or tolerance in lining up the external slot with the rollers and the external casing. If the discs won't eject cleanly then either the rollers need cleaning and/or the alignment is out. Taking the front panel off and re-positioning usually does the job.
    • A credit card can help give a disc a gentle nudge if it's stuck part of the way through the rollers
    • Rollers should be "paper white"
  • Cleaning or removing discs from the carousel is also possible but not a simple effort. I would assume replacing the BR drive is also possible although I have not tried this

  • The original optical drive for playback is a Sony Optiarc 5640h
  • Vaults attached to Encore are limited to 2 unless a Terra is in the mix
  • BR Discs will play direct from the Vault in an Encore system
  • BR Discs MUST be imported to play in the Premier system
    • I was rather "upset" when I first found this out but I, hand on heart, think the experience of the vaults with a Premier server brings the disc eco-system on par with the digital store version. No lag, instant playback, no "difficulty reading disc" messages etc. For those with large disc collections, I certainly recommend it
  • BR Discs will play direct from the vault in a Premier system whilst "awaiting import" - if previously only catalogued via a M500
  • For some reason I have had 2 BRs that show "catalog complete" and thus play direct from the Vault, I do not know why... anyone?
  • DVDs act per the DVD CSS rules/ruling

Discs not playing, not detected or detected incorrectly

  • DVD/BR cleaning discs (& fluid) have worked on 3 drives for me

  • Clean your discs! Properly! I have noted through 2000 discs that even a misplaced finger mark or smudge can stop it being read correctly
  • There is a LOT of grime from 2000 discs!
  • If an optical drive says it isn't a BR and/or DVD, try a different type of disc - one of my opticals would read BRs but not DVDs...
  • If a disc gets "stuck" and is in the drive but the unit says the drive is empty, a hard reset will usually free the disc (keep trying, it works eventually)
    • If this still continues on the M500, remove the front bezel and manually press the eject button on the optical drive
  • If a disc isn't recognized at all "no details available for this item", clean the disc and/or try a different optical drive. I found one of my M700s was better with some discs than the other one
    • I still have the "no details available for this item" issue on a few discs - this means it won't even play, let alone catalog or import. If anyone has any knowledge on how to fix / get around this that would be great?
      • M500 reports "no details available for this item"
      • M700 reports "DVD cannot be imported"
  • Try and try again - really this shouldn't work but sadly it does
  • If you get just the "disc name" and no info, then add the UPC and the correct title and within 7 days, generally the library will update. UPC's are on the back of the disc case or can usually be found here:
  • Some discs may be recognised in one region but may not translate to other regions (for store D2D). Different studios sometimes have release rights for the same title but in different territories. It seems to be rare but it does happen, which may mean your region A disc doesn't show up in your digital offers in region B for example
  • A BR may be detected as a BR, include the BR cover art yet appear in the list and description as a DVD - if this happens contact loan@kaleidescape.com and they will try and remedy (could be the difference between the correct digital offer or one at all!)
  • If you find a disc is detected as a different title, contact loan@kaleidescape.com and they will correct it
  • If a disc takes a long time to import and I mean hours, even if it doesn’t fail itself, do not assume it copied ok. I’ve had discs that have taken 4-13 hours to import and report success. On playback though, the file usually is missing the latter parts.


Boy these things get hot... seems to be the same board as the M500 but with the DC power connection. The unit I have as a faulty HDMI port which I was going to replace with a new socket but frankly I haven't had the time or space to get soldering. It "looks" like the same socket as found on all the other M-class and prior devices. If anyone has any experience of this please let me know. In the meantime, this component to HDMI works well. Analog output is limited on DVD's but it's good enough - assuming it's not your main screen! :cool:




  • PSU is an LFVLT80. The BR drive is a LG UH10LS20 - this is the OEM version.
  • The retail version is LG CH10LS20. These were circa 2010. eBay is your friend here and popping them in works grand.
  • Better than that, I tried one of the latest greatest, an LG WH14NS40 and this works perfectly. I would bet that any consumer SATA drive is likely to work
  • UHD - This can be flashed to firmware 1.02 - which supports UHD. However, sadly but unsurprisingly kOS will report "not a Blu-Ray or DVD"
  • 3D - this does not work, period. This is a kOS limitation and from my comms is not going to be changed, ever :-(
  • The benefit of using a newer optical drive is that discs that refused to complete import in the older drives or the vaults appear to work fine in the newer drive. There is certainly more tolerance of scratches and marks. :)
Yep, it's upside down but it stays that way regardless what I do to try and flip it! :)

Kplayer 5000
Different PSU to the Kplayer 6000. DVD drive, I was going to put a BR player to see what happens but I'm starting to think kOS is a little more "locked down" in that regard so to speak


Kplayer 6000
Same LFVLT80-4000 PSU as the M500. Again, same idea with BR player but have not tried - will update this if I do. Would require IDE to SATA adapter


Ongoing thread/discussion is here

KServer 3000 PSU

KServer 5000 PSU


Thread is here

I also came across this thread only yesterday that mentions K120 PSU and a company that will repair them (no idea if they are still active)

HDMI Extender / HDCP bypass

This HDMI extender works awesome, either direct or over LAN - HD only tested, I didn't try it with my Encore kit. It uses LENKENG LKV373v3 chipset. This chap has done a lot of work on getting the RTP stream from it - I haven't quite managed to get this working via VLC yet - anyone who can help please shout :) (I seem to get different responses from VLC Windows, VLC macOS and VLC iOS!!)

This splitter bypasses HDCP should you wish to do that...

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I've made edits to update/clarify a couple of points (Vault playback; UHD; optical drive firmware).


This info is super helpful.

Do you know what model Blu-ray drive is used in the 2nd Gen Cinema One?

I have a unit that won’t read Blu-ray Disc any longer. I would like to replace this drive with the correct model or even upgrade the disc drive to a more current model, since it sounds like you have found newer drives have an easier time identifying disc.

Thanks for any help you can provide.

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Glad you found it useful 😊 I don’t know about the C12G drive but I did replace an Alto one before , I’m trying to find the details for it. I’ve added the vault drive details above now too.

Based on what I found above for the other units, I suspect any “full size” SATA slot loading BR drive would work. If it’s OOW, you could take the lid off and have a look at the optical drive model number.

Other option is the service kit from K, I’d hazard a guess this likely is the same / works on C12G as the Altos
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Glad you found it useful I don’t know about the C12G drive but I did replace an Alto one before , I’m trying to find the details for it. I’ve added the vault drive details above now too.

Based on what I found above for the other units, I suspect any “full size” SATA slot loading BR drive would work. If it’s OOW, you could take the lid off and have a look at the optical drive model number.

Other option is the service kit from K, I’d hazard a guess this likely is the same / works on C12G as the Altos

I believe the loader between the Cinema One and Alto are suppose to be the same.

I opened the Cinema One and this is what I find. I was expecting something that looked a little more like an off the shelf computer drive.

Any thoughts? I don’t see anything when looking up this model #.

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Don't know if this is the right place, or if it should be a separate post.

Long story short, i bought 2 used M300 from the same seller, except both of them have no LEDs light up and the Infrared receivers doesn't work, exactly the same on both players.
They're also both missing the warranty seal.

If it fair to assume someone disconnected a daughter board or something, and forgot replug it?

Any thoughts?

Also, of anyone has a disassembly guide for the M300, that would be great.

Thanks in advance :)