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Star Wars 4K HDR


Well-known member
I notice Disney + has all the Star Wars movies in 4K HDR- does anyone know when we might see these movies available on the K store? I imagine Disney wants to keep them exclusive to Disney + for some time, but surely, the K store is a relatively smaller audience so I wonder if there's a possibility we might see them some time soon?


Active member
Damn. That'll be like the 5th time I've bought Star Wars (VHS, laser disc, DVD, Blu-Ray)


Active member
Authorized Kaleidescape Dealer
Just one of each? I think I had at least 2 laserdisc versions, maybe more!


Well-known member
Just one of each? I think I had at least 2 laserdisc versions, maybe more!
Those two versions are the only laserdiscs I have left. The original three movies are framed in our theater and the boxed special edition is sitting in the closet. But no more player. I just loved those THX intros from those discs...


Well-known member
2 words: Despecialized Edition

But I feel like it can't be much that much longer until Disney releases the original theatrical editions now that they own Fox (who held the distribution rights to Ep IV). There is a lot of demand for the originals and Disney could cash in on this by pulling them out of the 'vault' in the form of a $149 Skywalker commemorative edition super deluxe box set.


Well-known member
Thank you for the video. I watched it. I also watched some of the Disney + and compared it to HD on my system and while it is a little bit clearer on Disney +, it is not night and day. I would request/ advise/ Disney to make new transfers for the 4K discs that are supposedly coming. I don't know if thats feasible since I think many of the CGI effects were done at 2K.


Well-known member
⭐️ Premium ⭐️
I hope this hits the K store- would be nice to get rid of all my blur ray disks in my vault for Star Wars.