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M700 "Unidentified Disks"


For some time my vault would tell me it had an unidentified disk and when I would try to eject it nothing would come out. Over time the number of unidentified disks grew to 10.

Yesterday I decided to open it up and clean the rollers. After doing so I emptied all the disks out of the vault and started the reinventory procedure with it empty. I am not showing 295 empty slots and 25 unidentified disks.

Why is the vault showing unidentified disks when it is empty?

Thanks in advance,



Well-known member
Oddly enough, my vault had an ;error 78' and on restart is now complaining

There is 1 disc awaiting identification, 122 discs awaiting verification and 82 discs awaiting ejection.

Perhaps like Apples 'slowdown' K wants us to drop all physical media :) <joke>


Well-known member
My vault is now stuck on Error 78, despite a few powercycles :(

Dealer contacted, perhaps it's related to the increasing incidence of unreadable media I was seeing :(

78 SLOT_NOT_EMPTY hardware; misuse Power cycle; Contact your Kaleidescape Dealer or Support


I'm still having the same issue, I've just been living with it. I was told I would need a new vault. I'm up to 50 disks currently awaiting ejection, but the slots are empty.

Mark H

Well-known member
M700 Failures

It is always disappointing when hardware fails and even more so when there is no sensible repair option. One of my M700 Disk Vaults recently failed with Error 32 so following a power recycle as instructed the error remains.....

Options from technical support for the out of warranty unit:-

1. Throw the unit away as it can't be repaired.
2. Return to Kaleidescape and get 25% discount on a refurbished unit.
3. Buy a new M700 Disk Vault.

At least with my Linn hi-end HIFI they had a standard charge for repairs at £750 when I needed it (only once in 15 years) since their hardware seems to be much more reliable than Kaleidescape's.

Not good especially considering the financial and environmental impacts!


Well-known member
I agree completely. I have a dead M700 with a "likely" drive failure. However, I have to pay £250 for a new drive and that is non refundable even if it is not the drive. And then it is as you have posted if it is not the drive.

Whilst I still love the interface and have been tempted to go for a Strato, given the issues we have had with the hardware in general, my better half thinks we should just go Vudu and Applet TV 4K.