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Changes to Terms of Service Q


Well-known member
As we have a few recovering attorneys on this site who enjoy A/V, I have a question.

DirecTV emailed out a notification today, April 1, about changes to their terms of service and thus the Customer Agreement. Before asked, no this is not an April Fools prank. Perhaps others on this forum also use this service and may also get email notifications.

Snippet from the email:

We hope you are enjoying your DIRECTV service!

We wanted to let you know that we've recently made some updates to the terms of your service. We've added some new paragraphs under Section 2(e)(4) about Advanced Payments and Deposits, Section 3(c) regarding Online Access, and Section 4 regarding Changes in Contract Terms. We've also added a new Fee Schedule as Exhibit 1.

Updates to the Customer Agreement took effect March 1, 2017. You can view or print the updated Customer Agreement here.

Thanks for choosing us,


So the change includes items such as a fee schedule and other items. What is interesting is that the effective date is Match 1, 2017, a full month before the notification was sent out (April 1, 2017).

Can a company legally make changes like this and have those changes applied using a retroactive date? If they can, is there limits to what can be changed? This seems very anti-consumer.




Well-known member
My ***guess*** is the big terms of service agreement says they can make these kinds of retroactive changes and there is a period of time they can backdate it.

Can you imagine if you, the customer, could make such changes! Talk about the disparity in bargaining power!

PS- Direct TV if you are reading this- how about some 4K!


Staff member
Forum Administrator
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Authorized Kaleidescape Dealer
DirecTV, like the other subscription service providers, reserves the right to change their terms of service at any time. Their contracts typically say they will endeavor to notify you "in advance when possible" of any changes occurring related to their service, but this is not a requirement. Creating an effective date back to the prior month would likely be found to be within their legal rights if challenged (almost all require binding arbitration), mostly because they bill you "in advance" for that current month and their fees are to large extent based on contracts with content providers that can change at almost any time because they contract with so many different providers. Although theoretically possible, I doubt you would ever see them go back more than the prior month, as the farther back they go, the less likely the date would be permissible in an Arbitration situation. They would likely have to demonstrate a compelling reason for going back that far, not to mention the negative impact on customer retention and relations.



Well-known member
Very nice! How many channels do they have now? The last I checked it was very limited. How's the picture?


Well-known member
Very nice! How many channels do they have now? The last I checked it was very limited. How's the picture?
3 channels. 104, 105 and 106. Picture is fine but I am not a 4K fanatic. If 4K were never invented or available, I could care less. That said, both my 4K TV and 4k projector up-convert 1080P to 4K, so the differences between good 1080P and 4K are subtle at best.

For the Masters, they used two channels. I could flip between the regular broadcast on CBS and the same hole on 4k (but different angles since they were different cameras), and while the differences were visible up close, they became much less obvious at normal seating distance.

If 4K were not the only way to get some movies with the Atmos sound track, I would NEVER buy 4K movies. The audio side of the movie with the added 3D audio soundtracks does MUCH more to increase the immersive effect than "increased video resolution" - for me!


Well-known member
Thanks for the write up! I can tell you I instantly saw the difference with 4K on my setup. But its a large projection setup. Its not just the resolution. I went back and forth between 4K UHD disc of the Martian and the K Scape 1080P and I didn't want to see a difference, but I did. The image just has that much more detail, better color fidelity and even image stability- I never thought I'd say that as I thought 1080P looks great. It still does, but there's a new sheriff in town...

I looked at their 4K offerings- its too small right now for me to want to make the effort and investment. When every sporting event is in 4K / 50% of the channels are 4K, that's when I'll move.

The 3D audio is fascinating, I see that is your priority. I love audio as well but I'm not so excited to make changes to add these new formats- though I want my equipment to support it in case I change my mind! Right now, I find 5 or 7 channels is more than enough to immerse me, but then, everyone is different.