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C0-Star automation for RTI: I could use some help


I have a Co-Star connecting a Strato and Cinema 1 SE: works well
I want to automate the audio input switching of my processor so when the Co-Star changes input, my processor will switch to the correct audio input
I can program my RTI processor to do this based on driver variables that are received.
I know that Crestron and others have a solution, unfortunately RTI does not, at least I have not found it.

I need to know:

-exactly what signal is sent to Co-Star to change state and what signal the K system sends as feedback
-what RTI driver variable this corresponds to
-any solutions you can suggest please

any help greatly appreciated


Well-known member
How do you have this all wired (HDMI, switch or Lumagen, etc.) If only using HDMI, then there is no need to change audio as there is only one output from the system. The HDMI signal is controlled via your costar setup. SJ


My processor is a Krell Foundation 4k that does not do HDR, so I am using secondary HDMI audio out from Strato and coax audio out from Cinema One
I do agree a new processor might be the answer though


or add a Lumagen VP and let it do your switching with an audio out to the Krell.



Well-known member
Just thinking... Maybe connect a program which can monitor the feedback from your Strato and see if there is any difference when you play a movie from your Cinema One vs. your Strato? You can use a program like Putty or DockLight Scripting (you can get a free evaluation copy that doesn't let you send commands). You would connect it via the IP address of the Strato (using port 10000). Maybe you could intercept the feedback happening if there is any difference and have your control system change audio of your Krell. You could also see if any feedback is also coming from your Cinema One when it is being used. SJ