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Lumagen - 18G cards


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For those of us with a Lumagen Radiance Pro this is coming soon ! Post #8107


NOTE: I am not currently using the Kaleidescape "Costar" feature in the Lumagen Demo Theater. So I am not sure how content actually played form the "Costar" HDMI output (e.g. DVI discs not on the hard drive) will work with this feature. I have recently learned that content that is stored on the Costar hard-drive is actually played through the Strato. So this content should work with this feature.

Jim Peterson
Lumagen, Inc.


The statement above about Co-Star playback is somewhat misleading. To clarify:
In the case where a Strato is paired with a Premiere system, any and all content that resides on the Premiere system is played by the M-Class player. The Strato simply controls the player. The audio and video is output based on the settings of the M-Class player and the HDMI Content Type Metadata setting of the Strato will have no effect..

In the case where a Strato is paired with an Alto, only store downloads that reside on the Alto's hard disk are played by the Strato. Any cataloged Blu-ray discs will be played directly by the Alto. Note that the Alto does not have the HDMI Content Type Metadata setting available to it either and thus the Strato setting similarly does not apply in this situation.


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Yup, thanks John.



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The update has been posted:

Posted 081220 Fix for a slight flicker issue seen with dynamic tone mapping in some movie titles. Improved algorithm for DTM DeSat used to limit saturation peaking for dynamic tone mapping and added an 'Auto' setting for DeSat in the DTM menu which is the new default. Fixed issue with DTM not taking into account user set video delay. Fix for auto aspect not always detecting image bounds with 9ghz input cards. New 18Ghz input chip firmware has small improvements from update on 051820. Fix for an intermittent video/audio drop with a Direct TV source. Added feature for Kaleidescape player to eliminate output mode changes when changing from Kaleidescape menu to movie -- a short "how to" is below.

How to set up Kaleidescape Strato & Pro to eliminate unnecessary output mode changes
With many projectors changing the output mode (.ei 4k24 to 4k60) can be rather slow. The Kaleidescape player always uses 60hz for it's menu but when playing a movie it's preferable to have it set to play at 24Hz so going between menu and movies can leave the viewer sometimes waiting 30 seconds with a blank screen while the equipment syncs up to the new output mode. A very simple way to fix this is just to set the Pro to output 4k24 for all input modes but then the less common case of 60Hz videos from the Kaliedescape would look stuttery so a method to stay in 24Hz output for only the Kaleidescape menus and 24Hz movies is desirable. There is a way to detect the special case of Kaleidescapes' menu screen and with a new option in the Pro we can eliminate this slow resync time between menus and movies and keep 60Hz videos looking good. To do this, make a change in the Kaleidescape players advanced video setup menu and set the HDMI Content Type Metadata to 'Transmit content type metadata' (the Kaleidescape will now output a special graphics flag over HDMI when in it's menu). On the Pro menu under Input: Options: HDMI Setup: Type, set the Graphic Flag Use setting to 'Use'. Now when the Kaleidescape is in it's menu the Pro will detect and use the graphics flag and classify the input mode as 'Other' (instead of 4k60). So the last setting to make is in the Pro's Output Setup menu and for the input mode condition of 'Other' change the Pro's output mode, CMS's and Style selection to match what is setup when detecting a 24Hz input mode. The Pro will now stay in the same 24Hz output mode when Kaleidescape changes between 60Hz menu and 24Hz movies but still allow the Pro to change to a 60Hz mode when 60Hz videos are played.


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Beware that if you love the movie titles screen (vs list), that 24Hz will make it choppy looking when sorting movies. I used to just output 4K24 for everything and didn’t like the look. But can really speed up switching times. SJ