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Well-known member
I would find it helpful if there was an easy way to check when something was watched.
  • Might come in handy for those that want to adjust the new collection.
  • Parental oversight (maybe add which player it was on.)
  • Big-brother types.
  • Those of us who think they've watched something, aren't 100% sure, and would rather avoid getting halfway through (particularly the longer TV shows) before realizing they definitely remember it.
Bonus points if it shows a progression (or episode for fully bookmarked TV content.)
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Well-known member
◥ ◣ Kaleidescape, Inc.
The latest release of kOS on both Strato/Terra systems and Premiere systems includes some of this functionality. When you watch a movie to completion, the movie will appear in the new "Played" collection, and if you highlight the movie within that collection, it will display the date that it was last watched. The movie is also automatically removed from the New collection.

Note that earlier versions of kOS did not store last-played information, so this new behavior applies to movies you watch after the update. If you like, you can go to the New collection in your system's browser interface, select all the movies you know you've watched, and move them all to Played. That will allow you to use the New collection as a sort of 'unwatched' collection. Note that it can take some time to move those movies if you move a lot of them in one go. Just be patient. Movies moved into the Played collection in this way will use the date that you moved them as the "last played" date.


Well-known member

Sounds good from a downloaded movie perspective, but how does it handle multiple discs, episodes, and other quirks of TV/Premier content?

With all the logging, shouldn't there be some way of digging the older playback information out from the depths?



Well-known member
◥ ◣ Kaleidescape, Inc.
For episodic content, it is considered "fully played" when you reach the end of the season. In the meantime, the system will continue to set the pause bookmark at the beginning of the next episode whenever you finish an episode, so you can just highlight the cover and press Play, or you can choose "Resume Episode" to resume playback with the next episode.

I don't think a data mining operation such as you proposed would be practical to do, unfortunately. For what it's worth, it didn't take me very long to go through my 1200+ movies and movie the ones I had watched into the Played collection. It would have been great if it were completely automatic, but even then I would have ended up doing a manual pass to mark movies that I have seen elsewhere but bought to have in my collection.


Well-known member
If you know you've watched it, moving things over via the WebUI is probably very fast. If you aren't sure, then it takes a lot longer (either watching, or watching until you are sure you've seen it before.)

What about on the uncatalogued content, when does it count as played?


Well-known member
⭐️ Premium ⭐️
With the changes, is there any longer a real purpose for the "Watch Soon" collection? I've use it to keep track of what I plan to watch (even if it may not happen for years :p), and love how titles are removed automatically after playback. Of course it does require you manually add each movie up front which I'm sure many found to be a burden (and potentially drove the decision for the enhanced behavior with the "New" and "Played" collections???).

I'm debating if it is time to potentially shift away from using "Watch Soon", but if I do this, any "new" content that I have watched will need to be moved manually to properly maintain a collection of titles I plan to watch. This may occur less often (than when using "Watch Soon"), but what happens if I watch a movie in HDR and decide to download that title in HD to save space but keep it in my library? Will it need to moved manually (to "Played") even though it has been watched?

I'm on the fence and may just need to live with it for a while, but I'm wondering how many others out there also have used "Watch Soon". What are your thoughts about potentially transitioning to the "New" and "Played" collections with the same intent?

@MikeKobb - Is there anything you can share that may provide an "ah-ha" for me to make the switch? Or is there a reason to use both?


Well-known member
I know my use of the Watch Soon is to prioritize titles above everything else I still need to watch (not that I ever think to check it when it comes time to pick a title, but that could be the inability to pull list-view for a collection only - outside of second screen, which doesn't allow for sorting by anything but title.)