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Kaleidescape Store History - Studio Add Dates


I had been wanting to do this for a while and finally got around to it. Here are the dates that Studios where added to the Store along with a few other key dates. All the dates are gleaned from either posts in the Forum or Announcements from Kaleidescape.

It is interesting to look at the initial roll-put. The Store came online with Warner Bros. in 2012. The next Studio (Lionsgate) was added a year later in 2013. A year after that in 2014 the third Studio (Sony) was added. I suspect that the people that were around then are a little more patient with the roll-our of new Studios now. However, there is one big difference. Back during the initial Store roll-out we had the option to just buy the disc and load to our servers. That is not an option with 4K titles now.

Anyway, I hope you enjoy seeing the history!

I am missing some dates as listed below so if anyone has any of these dates let me know. Also, if anyone sees any errors please let me know and I will correct.

Studios Added and Date:
MPI Media Group - 24 May 2021
Movie Rentals added for Magnolia - 22 May 2021
Movie Rentals added for all major studios except MGM - 25 January 2021
Solstice Studios - 11 December 2020
Cohen Media Group - 7 November 2020
Shout Factory - 6 November 2020
Grasshopper Films - 1 September 2020
Film Movement - 4 August 2020
Sonar Entertainment - 29 June 2020
PBS - 16 June 2020
Giant Pictures/Tribeca Film - 8 June 2020
Studio Ghibli - 18 May 2020
Relativity Media - 23 April 2020
MGM Bond Titles - 6 April 2020
Warner Music Group - 28 December 2019
STX Entertainment - 23 December 2019
MGM - 4 November 2019
Universal Music Group - 25 September 2019
A24 - 6 March 2019
BBC Studios - 3 December 2018
Showtime - 28 November 2018
Opus Arte - 16 August 2018
Mug Shot Productions - 28 March 2018
Arrow Films - 28 March 2018
In-Akustik - 28 March 2018
Disney 4K - 23 March 2018
EuroArts - 26 July 2018
Film Rise - 11 July 2018
Metropolitan Opera - 20 June 2018
Lionsgate 4K - 31 May 2018
Well Go USA Entertainment - 26 March 2018
The Weinstein Company - 23 Jane 2018
Paramount (w/4K) - 25 October 2017
Fox 4K - 4 October 2017
Oscilloscope Pictures- 21 July 2017
NBCUniversal 4K - 27 June 2017
Eagle Rock Entertainment - 14 June 2017
Music Box Films - 9 June 2017
Gravitas Ventures- 1 June 2017
Image Entertainment (RLJ Entertainment) - 9 May 2017
Anchor Bay - 1 April 2017
Cinedigm - 31 January 2017
Kino Lorber - 12 August 2016
Sony Music - 13 June 2016
Magnolia Pictures - 9 March 2016
Fox (no 4K) - 1 February 2016
The Orchard (1091 Media) - 5 January 2016
Moving Art - 5 January 2016
K2 Communications- 30 December 2015
Sony 4K Titles - 15 October 2015
Disney (no 4K) - 20 May 2015
NBCUniversal - 11 November 2014
Sony - 11 September 2014
Lionsgate - 1 October 2013
Kaleidescape Store Official Launch - 1 May 2013
Kaleidescape Store (Beta) Opens w/ Warner Bros. - 11 December 2012

Studios with no Add Dates:
First Run Features
MVD Entertainment
Red Bull Media House

Other Memorable Dates:
Strato and Terra Server Announcement - 15 October 2015
Announcement of 4K Titles available in Store (Sony) - 15 October 2015
Co-Star First Report (including interview with Cheena) - 8 June 2017
Co-Star Official Announcement - 6 September 2017

ETA: Added MGM Bond titles; Relativity Media
ETA: Tribeca Film; Giant Interactive; K has listed both as Giant Pictures. I have updated.

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Studio Ghibli added to list.


Late 2019 and 2020 one of the best year for the store the year closing the gaps and seem still there is a happy days will come if god well

Thanks K

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It is pretty clear that Shout Factory titles are being added to the Store so I have added this to the list.



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It is pretty clear that Shout Factory titles are being added to the Store so I have added this to the list.

A collection has been added. It also includes the Studio Ghibli movies(separate collection still exists). Guess, Shout Factory must be the distributor for Studio Ghibli.