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SOLD: For Sale: DV700 Disc Vault w/ OEM Box


Active member
For sale is my Kaleidescape DV700 Disc Vault. It is fully functional and comes with the power cord, OEM box, and packaging materials. This vault is set to DVD region 1 with all four changes remain for the DVD region setting. This DV700 is set to DHCP and ready for its next owner.

There are some light superficial scuffs on the top and sides of on the gray finish of the case but otherwise presents well without any dents or cracks.

I've got a good shipping broker so I can help facilitate shipping quotes plus insurance via FedEx Ground, if the buyer needs assistance, at rates cheaper than retail. For reference, I sent a vault from Seattle to Southern California for $75.00 including insurance. I accept Paypal, Venmo, check (item to be sent once funds clear) etc.

Item location: Seattle, WA

Price: $2,500 plus shipping and buyer’s fees


  • 0B62725C-02FC-403D-B914-FBE21951B812.jpeg
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  • 61C5326F-D049-491F-A0BE-957B9B64359A.jpeg
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  • 8CC44F2B-37BC-4D08-9CA2-D674B69CA98C.jpeg
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  • 4D0A92A8-9848-4BA1-A93B-68FCFC429365.jpeg
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  • 7BA3A073-3834-4CCC-9985-F089BBB9D143.jpeg
    163.7 KB · Views: 43


Active member
Hard to believe you haven't sold this yet! For anyone looking at this vault... Nathan is reputable seller. I have bought from him in the past and the items were exactly as described. He is very knowledgable and honest. Don't roll the dice with eBay junk (ask me how I know)... buy from trusted forum members like Nathan.


Staff member
Forum Administrator
Authorized Kaleidescape Dealer
+1 on Brent's comments about Nathan, great guy, certainly trustworthy!



I live in Victoria, British Columbia, Canada. Would you consider an offer and ship outside the USA? If so, you can PM me?