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CINERAMAX 6/24 script

I modified the script Peter posted since I don't have all of the movies in the script. Is there a way to select the scenes in this script and transfer them to or "paste to" another EXISTING script? I know I can do so "manually" by going to the my other existing script and adding them one at a time, but wondering if there is a more "automated" method?
Screenshot 2024-06-10 at 7.12.43 AM.png
When evaluating "Must Have" titles, it's crucial to consider a blend of genres and soundscapes that appeal to various tastes. "Ambulance," "Moonfall," and "Godzilla vs. Kong" are notable for their impactful soundtracks:

1. **"Ambulance"** features an intense and dynamic score by Lorne Balfe, capturing the high-stakes atmosphere of the film.

2. **"Moonfall"** has a sweeping, dramatic soundtrack by Thomas Wander and Harald Kloser, enhancing the epic scale of the movie.

3. **"Godzilla vs. Kong"** boasts a powerful and thrilling score by Tom Holkenborg (Junkie XL), which perfectly complements the grand battles and larger-than-life characters.

These titles offer diverse and compelling musical experiences that contribute significantly to their storytelling and emotional impact.
If you download the script it will only include the movies on your system. It does it for you.
I was aware of that. My question, which I must have not asked properly is this: I have a script to which I wanted to add a couple of scenes from your newest script. I was asking how I can move (or copy) 2 or 3 some [some more automated way] of the scenes from your most recent to one of my existing.

I just did it manually, so I no longer need the answer.

But I did watch my version of your newest script and realized I had apparently never seen one of the movies that I owned [Terminator - Genesis] and the scene you created got my interest. So I watched earlier today. Dynamic; entertaining; great sound. Thanks