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Best sequence to load a new Premiere system?


Well-known member
What do people think is the best approach to loading an empty kaleidescape system? With a grandfathered system, I thought it would make sense to load the vault with DVDs and let it rip all of these and then eject all discs and add the blurays which would need to remain in the vault.

Is this right or is there a better sequence/approach?


Kevin D

Well-known member
⭐️⭐️ Patron ⭐️⭐️
That's the way I do it for customers. DVD's load significantly quicker, and most have more DVD's then Blurays. That way you can begin to enjoy your system more quickly. Especially if you have close to or more then 320 DVD's, loading the Blurays first just means more return trips to the changer for the DVD's.

If you have a M500 player, you can start loading the BR's one by one in it simultaneously. They won't be available to play until they are detected in the changer, but it's just that much quicker.

You can also pull any UV codes from the BR's that have them, enter them into UVVU.COM and start downloading any HD movies that are in the store. Each one is one less BR you need to put in the changer.

Kevin D.


Well-known member
If you have an M500 player and assuming that you are in a region that has access to the store, and you are so inclined, while you are waiting for your DVDs to finish importing, you can take your Warner, Sony, Lionsgate, and NBCUniversal Blu-ray discs and check them for disc-to-digital upgrades from the tray of your M500 player via the onscreen details sheet without having to import the Blu-ray disc first.


Well-known member
I would add that if using a vault without an M500, when it comes time to start loading Blu-rays, start with the titles (without UV codes) and then studios already in the store, so you can choose to flip them out faster. The other reasons beyond just DVDs loading faster (~30 vs ~70 minutes,) is that you will probably need to eject the BDs to continue importing more content, so other than getting store offers, you are just going to lose the ability to play them quickly enough.