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Recent content by Kurvenal

  1. K

    Immersive by Design - Lossless Atmos Music

    I also use Roon for my music and for my distributed audio, and it is great, but so far they are not supporting Atmos. Agree that it would be great if they could work something out with Apple.
  2. K

    Immersive by Design - Lossless Atmos Music

    I took advantage of the holidays to do some comparative listening, and I see now that my initial reply to @Transepoch was not sufficient. The last time I compared Atmos music on a Pure Audio Blu-ray disc with the same content on a streaming service, first with Tidal and then when Apple Music...
  3. K

    Immersive by Design - Lossless Atmos Music

    Good question. How much of a difference there is will depend on the recording and the playback system. You may not notice a big difference if, for example, your surround/height speakers only have a limited range and you play a mix without much LFE that is only sending crowd noise between...
  4. K

    Immersive by Design - Lossless Atmos Music

    :ROFLMAO: I only wish that were true! The one immersive music store that I would like to see open is the K online store. For those of you who have just had a chance to listen for yourselves, and for anyone else who is interested, do you think it would be a good use of K’s resources for them...
  5. K

    Immersive by Design - Lossless Atmos Music

    Hi Josh, Thanks for the unexpected upgrade to Premium status! I must have let my membership lapse, so your gesture is much appreciated. A few people who have received discs from me have commented on Oracles. The music on Oracles is distinctive and even hypnotic, and this is one recording...
  6. K

    Free immersive music Blu-ray sampler disc offer

    As per this previous post in another thread, I am offering a free Pure Audio Blu-ray immersive music disc to anyone with a 3D speaker layout who wants to experience lossless Atmos music (as opposed to the VERY lossy version of Atmos music available through streaming services such as Apple Music...
  7. K

    Immersive by Design - Lossless Atmos Music

    See attached Pure Audio Blu-ray Sampler List. If you are interested in listening to a disc and posting your impressions afterwards, then please PM me with your top three choices ranked in order of preference along with a U.S. mailing address. You may need to tweak the levels of your surround...
  8. K

    Immersive by Design - Lossless Atmos Music

    Your point is well-taken, but I am guessing that a large reason for this state of affairs is simply a lack of awareness. I fully agree with CINERAMAX IOPH that immersive music is "the most enveloping of all surround audio format implementations". Very, very few movie soundtracks come close to...
  9. K

    Immersive by Design - Lossless Atmos Music

    Concerts are great on K, but as someone in the industry recently said to me, sound engineers at a live concert have plenty of other things to worry about besides the quality of the Atmos mix. You may want to browse the Pure Audio Blu-ray Atmos catalog and sample some of their titles. It is...
  10. K

    No Time To Die - now available to rent - Why no Dolby Atmos audio?

    Reading Jim's comment prompted me to start this thread on lossless Atmos music. My thinking was that anyone who is interested in a complete different level of immersive experience might want to check out Atmos music.
  11. K

    Immersive by Design - Lossless Atmos Music

    Creating this thread to start a discussion about lossless Atmos music among Kaleidescape owners. Some thoughts on why lossless Atmos music might be of interest to this community: Music that from the start is performed, recorded and mastered with a 3D playback environment in mind can offer a...
  12. K

    NEWS: Kaleidescape Conductor is being retired

    Hi Jim, I am a big fan of Roon and have a Nucleus+. Basically it is a customized Intel NUC running on Linux. Since this is a forum for Kaleidescape users, I am not going to bother justifying the price premium for the Nucleus over a DIY NUC Roon server solution. Suffice it to say that my...
  13. K

    2.2 Aspect Ratio

    I have just been testing the new Letterbox Control: Bottom option included in the 7/28/21 software update for the Lumagen Radiance Pro which is specifically designed to make it easier to use Top Masking without needing to send a different vertical shift value for each change in aspect ratios (or...
  14. K

    2.2 Aspect Ratio

    Mike, Can you advise whether you have your Strato Video Output Behavior set to “minimize display mode changes”? Jim Peterson of Lumagen figured out that all of the titles I am having problems with are either in HD or SD resolution. Since the vertical shift is in input resolution and I set it...
  15. K

    2.2 Aspect Ratio

    Mike, First of all, thank you for your detailed and helpful reply. It is very encouraging to know that you have managed to get top masking to work for you. I just tried some of the troubleshooting steps that you outlined above. I thought that the Lumagen Auto-Aspect setting might be the...