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Recent content by KTDJ

  1. K

    FOR SALE: (1) KREADER-2000-E

    For sale is (1) KREADER 2000-E. Working condition $25.00US. Equipment is located in San Diego CA. Local pickup or delivery preferred to surrounding areas. Shipping UPS/FedEx your cost. S/N: 0000 00001B37 Feel free to ask any questions!
  2. K

    SOLD: (2) KSERVER-2500 5u Servers

    Equipment has sold. Thank you!
  3. K

    SOLD: (2) KSERVER-2500 5u Servers

    For Sale are (2) KSERVER-2500 5u servers in working condition. I have migrated the contents to a 1U+ server so these are now excess. Both units are grandfathered to import DVDs. This license can be transferred to other equipment (Check with you dealer or Jim for details) Equipment is located...
  4. K

    OFF-TOPIC Forum Members, Enter to Win Store Credits

    I’ll count myself in on this one! Awesome giveaway for the forum members. Thank you!
  5. K

    OFF-TOPIC Covid Vaccine

    Awesome to hear! Glad someone is able to share their personal/family experience with the trials.
  6. K

    Music Playback License Required?

    Forgot to update everyone on this but a simple email to support took care of the issue. They just asked for the serial number of the servers I would like to enable music playback on and that took care of it. As an example of how awesome K support is, they replied to my email even on Christmas Day!
  7. K

    Folder naming

    Solved! To fix this your iTunes data folder must point to the same directory as the Kaleidescape data folder. Then All the albums will move from the Kaleidescape Data folder and into the next folder up, with the correct folder names. Thank you for your suggestions everyone!
  8. K

    Folder naming

    Hi all, I am trying to use conductor to export my music off of my server but the folders being output have weird file names. (See attachment) Does anyone else know how to get the correct folder (Album) names to show?
  9. K

    Apps for streaming from a KSERVER-1500

    Best solution for streaming from K is to use a Slingbox.
  10. K

    NEWS: Premiere products end-of-sale approaching soon, Support not impacted except discontinued products

    @cinelife Something doesn't seem right with CD recognition ending so soon. Since I recently purchased a server I would expect CD recognition would be provided for at least the warranty period. Anything we can do to get CD support continued for a few more years? Why have CD features listed...
  11. K

    Help Get K Into Movies Anywhere

    Great idea, Just liked and commented on their page.
  12. K

    Kaleidescape 5U movie Server drive

    My opinion: Purchase a new or used 1u/3u server and either keep the 5u in operation to add storage to your system or transfer your content and retire your 5u server. If you wish to buy a new server their was/is? a trade in promo to get credit for your old one. ( @cinelife could give you more...
  13. K

    Kaleidescape 5U movie Server drive

    Perhaps if you could elaborate on what you are trying to accomplish we can better help you. Are you looking to keep using your 5u server long term or is this only temporary to move the movies off to a newer server?
  14. K

    Kaleidescape 5U movie Server drive

    Hi, Good luck finding “clean” 5u server drives as they have long been discontinued. The only servers that are viable long term are the 1 and 3u servers as you can still purchase new drives.