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Recent content by cinelife

  1. cinelife

    Strato S Front Panel LED Not Working

    Speaking only for myself, I certainly don't feel that way, and I know for certain K doesn't feel that way. I'm not, however, arguing with your general comment because I know it's accurate when it comes to some dealers, I've had to help some of those owners over the years. @edoggrc51, the...
  2. cinelife

    Strato S Front Panel LED Not Working

    @andy, I made the assumption it was based on his direct contact with Support, but always good advice and the first thing to be checked. Jim
  3. cinelife

    Strato S Front Panel LED Not Working

    Sorry to hear about your experience. I suspect this is mostly a communication issue. Like many companies in the electronics industry the last two years have been challenging when it comes to acquiring parts. Some contract suppliers to the industry have gone out of business, some...
  4. cinelife

    Marvel Cinematic Universe

    I believe the timing is based on several factors, including: The resolution of the scenes in the script. Faster when the resolutions are the same (i.e. HD to HD), slower when changing resolutions (i.e. HDR to HD, or HD to HDR, etc.). Your equipment. (how fast does your system process...
  5. cinelife

    SOLD: Kaleidescape Strato S 12tb. Mint condition in the box with rack mount Under Warranty

    Not sure when you bought it, but in case you didn't know, K extended the warranty on all Strato and Terra components to 5 years from the original ship date from K. Not saying your 16 months warranty is wrong, only you know when you bought it. Jim
  6. cinelife

    SOLD: Alto 4TB for sale

    Same comment I made in his other For Sale thread, this Seller can be trusted, he's a friend and great guy, you'll have no problems in transacting with him. Jim
  7. cinelife

    SOLD: Strato 12TB for sale

    This is a trustworthy Seller, you'll have no problems in buying from him. (He's a friend as well.) Jim
  8. cinelife

    Alto into system with Strato/Terra

    I posted as well, but deleted because Andy's explanation gets directly to the point. Jim
  9. cinelife

    Alto into system with Strato/Terra

    Yup. There are 3 Co-Star options to acquire the License: Co-Star Switch Kit: this is the physical component switch, including cables, with a paired Strato controlling playback (Premiere player plays back Premiere content). Co-Star for Lumagen (Controlled by paired Strato, separate player...
  10. cinelife

    NEWS: New (Updated) Kaleidescape and Meyer Sound Promotion

    Meyer Sound and Kaleidescape Announce Curated Content Package Promotion New Customers Receive 40 Titles, Including 4K Ultra HD, HDR, and Dolby Atmos Mastered Movies MOUNTAIN VIEW, CA and BERKELEY, CA – July 26, 2022— Kaleidescape, maker of the ultimate movie player, and Meyer Sound, the...
  11. cinelife

    Any way to delete inferior quality duplicate versions in one shot?

    For others that might be confused, the Movies list I referred to above is reached in your web browser, not the K Store. Jim
  12. cinelife

    Any way to delete inferior quality duplicate versions in one shot?

    I just sent you a private message. Jim
  13. cinelife

    Any way to delete inferior quality duplicate versions in one shot?

    Using your browser, go to your system: Select your Movies list, then Look for the Movies that have White arrow to the left of the title, this indicates multiple versions exist, then Check the box on the left to select that Movie, then Do that for all the Movies that have multiple versions, then...
  14. cinelife

    support experience

    That's ridiculous, that is the highest priority and should have been addressed quickly. You're dealer should be able to get that looked into today. My only caveat is that it's possible there are others in front of you with playback issues as well. What we've found is that most playback...
  15. cinelife

    support experience

    Support is currently very short handed. I can't state any specifics because of privacy issues, but there's a medical reason for the shortage. Support at Kaleidescape has a very small team, frankly because the products don't generally have problems so a larger team isn't necessary...