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Recent content by cinelife

  1. cinelife

    Strato 6TB HD Failure!

    In addition to the CEO's comment above, I'll expand it a little by reminding people that Kaleidescape isn't taking your "failed drive" Terra or Strato and remanufacturing it by only replacing the drive. There are several parts they replace during remanufacturing to insure the component is as...
  2. cinelife

    Strato 6TB HD Failure!

    K will be responding to these concerns in the coming days. Jim
  3. cinelife

    FOR SALE: Terra 24 TB - 23 months warranty left

    I did forward your email to him as well. I'll try to call him in a couple of hours (he's in CA). Jim
  4. cinelife

    gift certificates?

    Good point, but it's more than theoretical, just contact you dealer to have them process the purchase. Two points to consider: You will need the recipients Store account email. The minimum purchase for these credits is $100 (all purchases are in $100 increments) Jim
  5. cinelife

    gift certificates?

    Interesting idea..... Jim
  6. cinelife

    Strato 6TB HD Failure!

    Everyone take a deep breath, this is NOT as bad as some think it is, and because these compact Terra's are new models, and under full warranty for the stated periods, K has not evaluated what is needed to keep them operational, and this is part of what determines repair/replacement policy. I...
  7. cinelife

    Strato 6TB HD Failure!

    I'll confirm with K before answering the question regarding a Strato's ability to work with a Terra after a drive failure. I do have an answer, but given the misinformation I received (or misunderstood), I'd rather confirm before answering. Based on what I was told there is a distinction...
  8. cinelife

    Strato 6TB HD Failure!

    Well since that came from Mike, I'll go with that answer (I must have missed that post somehow), clearly Mike would know. I've been told they were replaceable, and that's what I've been sharing, and Mike's comment indicates that is not correct. I will still confirm. Jim
  9. cinelife

    Strato 6TB HD Failure!

    Well, sure, of course any drive in any component is replaceable, but because of the design it is not something they allow owners to do, and it becomes a repair situation. K opted to to not have have a repair service many years ago, so nothing has changed. Instead of repair they offer a...
  10. cinelife

    Strato 6TB HD Failure!

    I think this needs to be cleared up, I'll post the official word tomorrow, but I've always been told that the Terra Server drives are field replaceable. There was never a distinction made between the compact Terra's and the full sized Terra servers. I'm still saying all Terra drives are...
  11. cinelife

    Strato 6TB HD Failure!

    Yes, it is the policy. The drive is not user replaceable in the Strato's that have storage, and K does not offer a repair service. This is why I've been recommending to clients they purchase the Terra/Strato-C combination versus a Strato with storage (only the Strato-S 6TB is available...
  12. cinelife

    Strato 6TB HD Failure!

    Sorry Dave, but the drive cannot be replaced, so if it fails when the unit is out-of-warranty the only option is returning it for a discount on a replacement. If it has any resale value at all, it would only be as a trade-up component for that same 25% discount, so obviously you would get...
  13. cinelife

    Extended Warranties from Kaleidescape

    Yes, extended warranties are available for "most" components that are still under warranty. The original 3 year warranty on components purchased as "new" can be extended up to 5 years total (two additional years added to the initial 3 years). You can purchase the additional 2 years one...
  14. cinelife

    US BR & 4K Releases for November & December 2021

    The lead acting and cinematography are excellent. Personally, I like westerns that reflect a more accurate view of the times, including the language used, living conditions, and use of weapons. If you like westerns, this movie is worth watching, and frankly I wasn't expecting much when...
  15. cinelife

    ICYMI Check your BestBuy Offers

    The child remote control only opens content that you place into the "Child" collection. When they use the remote they will see the "Covers" of that Child collection on screen. Jim