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Recent content by billygreen23

  1. B

    New feature: Remote Deletion

    This is fantastic. Thank you!
  2. B

    Amazon Said to Make $9 Billion Offer for MGM

    Interesting to see what this could potentially mean for the MGM library. Locked into Amazon Prime Video? Hopefully not. https://variety.com/2021/digital/news/amazon-mgm-acquisition-talks-9-billion-1234975168/
  3. B

    Disc to Digital on Strato idea

    Vudu's current D2D system has people scan the barcode of the disc case. No disc player required. Couldn't K do the same thing in the mobile app? Would love to see support for 4K discs as well.
  4. B

    Movie Updates

    Whew, I was going to say. Let's please not get into price differences between 4K releases. Having different version of 4K is already confusing enough for your average consumer. The fact that EST still has different quality levels today is crazy. Just another thing pushing people to streaming...
  5. B

    What is the future of Kaleidescape with streaming only titles?

    I just recently read about Netflix buying the rights to Knives Out 2 & 3. It's clear that there are going to be more and more A-list movies that are locked in to streaming services and not getting a physical or even EST release. How will K navigate this? Would it be possible for K to partner...
  6. B

    Digital Offer Page Not Working?

    Thank you, John! It's loading now.
  7. B

    Digital Offer Page Not Working?

    Is the Digital Offers page not working for anyone else? I haven't been able to get it to load for several days. The Disc to Digital page loads fine. Digital Offers
  8. B

    Sort by price?

    I believe a studio(s) asked for it to be removed.
  9. B

    Request for Accepted to be added in HD

    This great comedy is now available on Blu-ray. Can this be added to the store? Accepted at Blu-ray.com https://www.kaleidescape.com/movie-store/movie/details/1980777
  10. B

    NEWS: Support for Premiere Systems Going Forward

    Or a 2nd Generation Cinema One as well? Thanks.
  11. B

    Latest KoS Version & Changelog?

    Everyone hated on Steve Jobs for not allowing Flash on the original iPhone, especially Adobe. I don't agree with everything Apple does but that was and has proved to be a brilliant decision.
  12. B

    Where is Crocodile Dundee 2?

    Thanks, @Luke! I bought and watched this yesterday. Great movie. Any chance of getting the Behind-the-Scene Featurette added?
  13. B

    Store Price Changes

    I’m seeing the same thing. Luke, has the pricing increased? If so, darn, I should’ve pulled the trigger on a bunch sooner.
  14. B

    Store Price Changes

    Wow. That is amazing! Thanks for the update.
  15. B

    How long will discs be supported with Encore?

    I see that the Alto isn't even listed on K's website anymore. Is it manufactured anymore? How much longer will discs be supported, with cover art, and cataloged/bookmarked? This is very sad to me. There are still many, many movies that are not in the K store. And even more important for me is...