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Strato S 1U 12TB Issue


New member
Hi All, I seem to have some issues with my Strato which was purchased recently.

Problem 1
When i i plug in my strato after unpluggin from the mains, The Kscape boot up image shows but goes blank (Nothing pops up), I have to restart it a couple of time to see the movie menu

Problem 2
When i hook it up to the same power line as my Processor and other sources, on boot up it sends a Hard disk whirring sound to the speakers (Stops after a couple of seconds) and my power amp tends to clip. Doesnt happen when i connect the Strato to a different power line from all my other sources and amps.

Am new to the forums and sorry if i am posting in the wrong thread.

Thank you everyone for the help on the matter


Kaleidescape, Inc.
◥ ◣ Kaleidescape, Inc.
At the simple end of the spectrum, the Strato could be booting up into standby. After the Strato boots up and the screen goes blank, have you tried sending a "Power on" command from the IR remote or control system?

However, it could also be an HDMI interop issue. The next time your Strato boots to a blank screen, you can find out what is going on with the HDMI signal by loading the HDMI Capabilities page. To do so:
1. Load the browser interface for your system (http://my-kaleidescape or http://<server IP>)
2. Click the Settings tab.
3. Click the "Settings" button for your Strato to open the settings popup.
4. On the Video tab of the settings popup, click the "Show video capabilities and status" button.

This page will show you the HDMI video status for your Strato and can help to diagnose any issues that may be encountered.

I don't currently have any recommendation for the interference you are experiencing between the Strato and your processor when the Strato starts up. I'll reach out to the hardware team for advice.


Staff member
Forum Administrator
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Authorized Kaleidescape Dealer
On the interference, it sounds like a Ground Loop on that circuit. (I would also check the power being used on that circuit by your components.)



New member
Hi Everyone, thank you for the prompt response. Will look into the recommendations and see what i can come back with :)