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Authorized Kaleidescape Dealer
Because these components exclusively work with the Kaleidescape Store, I'm posting this notice in this thread as well. The goal is to get the word to as many interested parties as possible.

To All Members and Interested Parties:

It was recently determined that a theft occurred from the factory that Kaleidescape uses in the manufacture of their components. A list of currently known to be stolen components is as follows, and keep in mind that other serial numbers may be added in the future:

K0509-0006 – Strato Movie Player – 6TB

K0108-0040 – Terra Movie Server – 40 TB

Stolen Cinema 1

Serial numbers:

There is only one place you can buy Kaleidescape components and be assured of receiving proper support and warranty coverage, and that's from an AUTHORIZED KALEIDESCAPE DEALER. Kaleidescape has made this clear many times in the past, purchasing from anyone else will always involve risk.

Do not buy any of the above listed components, you will not receive ANY support from Kaleidescape. You cannot Register any of those components, and you will not be able to download content from the K Store. They are useless.

This is NOT Kaleidescape's fault in any way. As soon as they learned of the theft, which was from an area not under their control, they notified the authorities and an investigation has been initiated. I'm also posting in our Forum to help get the word out to prospective buyers.

If you unfortunately already bought one of these components, do not bother contacting Kaleidescape, they are not involved, contact the person or entity you purchased from, or your credit card company, or PayPal, or eBay, etc.., to hopefully get your money back. Good luck!