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Sound Drops with slight pop


We were watching the Return of the King tonight and had to stop. The sound continually would drop very low and have a slight click in the speakers. This is across all channels (which encompasses 3 different amps). Anyone see an issue like this before? This is the third movie we have watched on the new strato... but it didn't happen on the first two films. Its not subtle. Its a significant drop in volume. Thanks for any advice.


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If you have the patience, try watching the same scene a few times and see if the problem always happens at the same exact moments. If it does, there may be an issue with the content, but if the behavior is intermittent (it happens at random times) there may an issues with something In the environment (network, audio processing, etc). If you go this route, you can at least start to rule things out.

Also, if you can provide a time stamp in the movie when you started to hear the problem, others can check and see if the problem happens for them as well. Was it the 4K HDR version or HD? Extended or theatrical release?

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What audio processor are you running? Not related, but remember a friend who lost their subs during pellonar fields 😩


Hi - some additional info: K-scape runs into an Acurus Act4. Sitting behind that is a Starke Sound A8, Starke Sound A7, and a Sinbosen FP10000Q. I was unable to reproduce the drops with other sources... but I was able to make them go away (at least temporarily) by pausing, rewinding a bit, restarting. It took us two sessions to finish the 4k Atmos Extended Edition of Return of the King but the issue was there both days. This evening I was able to get it to stop after the FF/Pause fiddling. I will report back after trying another movie in a couple of days. Lets hope it was something associated with the specific media file. It doesn't seem to be related to processor or cabling to me at this point. I am curious as to what others think.


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Your Strato is HDMI out directly into the Acurus?

HDMI is a pain. I'd double check (unplug & replug) both ends. Also, try using HDMI inputs 8, 7, or 6 on the Acurus.

Which HDMI out are you using?

- Garrett