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Sneak Peak: On Screen Movie Store Enabled


Well-known member
Authorized Kaleidescape Dealer
Sent to dealers last week:

Starting today, the Kaleidescape Movie Store is available in the onscreen display of all dealer Strato systems running kOS 10.2 software. With this fully functional beta version, you can now browse, search, and purchase the highest quality movies available online using the iconic Kaleidescape user interface. You can begin using the Movie Store on your Strato system immediately by selecting the Movie Store option in the Movies tab of the main menu.

This info sheet offers more details about this exciting new feature, including the innovative Pivot function that provides a dazzling way to explore the thousands of fine movies in the Kaleidescape Movie Store. Don’t forget to try out the powerful search feature for quickly finding the exact title, actor, genre, or collection that interests you.

By using this entertaining new onscreen interface in your customer demonstrations, you can highlight the deep library of high-quality content available from the Movie Store, and call attention to the simplicity and elegant design that are hallmarks of the Kaleidescape System. Note that, when using the Kaleidescape remote control, the Shuffle button performs an immediate Pivot operation, and each additional press pivots to show a different set of related movies.

We expect to make this feature available to all of our customer systems soon, but in the meantime we would appreciate your feedback on this exciting new way to purchase movies from the Kaleidescape Movie Store.

Here’s a link to video I shot of the store in action: