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Well-known member
Authorized Kaleidescape Dealer
I'm sure this has been mentioned before, but now with UHD/HDR coming out, and also with some titles initially coming out in one version, then staggered with another version, then with a better audio soundtrack added later, it would be awesome if there was a tab on your store account -- or on screen GUI -- that would inform you that a better version of a title you own is available.

For example, I downloaded The Professional, then a while later it came out in UHD which I downloaded. Then a while later it was available in HDR, but without the Atmos audio, which I downloaded. Would be awesome if I could see some kind of flag or something when they added Atmos audio to the HDR version without me having to keep manually checking. And this is just one title out of hundreds I own...

Not sure this would be manageable for K, but it would be awesome if it was! :)


Well-known member
◥ ◣ Kaleidescape, Inc.
Hi John!

Yes, we've been thinking about something like this for awhile now. Can't promise when/if it will come, but for sure we're interested in doing it. We do want to design it properly, though, so that you can tell when there's an update that interests you.

For example, perhaps we update a movie version because there was an issue with one of the subtitle languages. If you don't speak that language, you probably wouldn't want to spend time downloading that update.


Well-known member
Authorized Kaleidescape Dealer
Thanks, Mike!

Honestly, I think I would take the "any info is good info" approach to this even if that means telling me that I can now get The Fifth Element in Mandarin 5.1.

Sure, maybe many of the updates won't interest me, so I can ignore them and not re-download the updated version. I see something like when I log into my store account, there could be a tab that is something like "Updates Available" and then I could see all my titles that have an update, whatever that might be. I could then check to acknowledge that I see there is a new version/update, and then turn off that notification so I don't see it again (until there is some new update to that film), or I could click to download the new version of the film if it was a change that I wanted...

I've no doubt this is a major undertaking, but it was on my mind with The Professional so I thought I'd put it out there! :)


Noah Winter

Well-known member

It might be easier to simply offer an automated solution. If at 2 am my K system downloads an updated movie which offers a tweak to a subtitle language I have no use for I am indifferent if this occurs or not. That doesn't bother me any.

Perhaps a simple box in the control menu or in the Store could be offered and if checked anytime an updated version of a movie is available it downloads. That way if someone prefers to only download certain upgrades they could continue the current manual method but for what I would guess is the majority of K owners it would just happen.

This might mitigate a lot of the angst when a movie is initially available but their is a delay in obtaining the best audio or HDR.

This would appear to be in line with K's "it just works" methodology and would be very supportive of the Store and those who use it.


Well-known member
Authorized Kaleidescape Dealer
If a movie did have an update, and it was already on my system, it would be cool to be able to update it without having to manually delete the existing version. Just having it over-write the version on there now would be awesome. That goes for upgrades from SD to HD or HD to UHD/HDR, also. Maybe I don't want to delete for some reason, like there are SD players and HD players in the house, so maybe a check box for the option to auto-delete would be a good idea.


Well-known member
and as a step beyond this, for titles that have D2D options, or for which I've bought store versions, the option to Eject them easily from the web interface (like a list of 'here are DVD's and BD's you technically no longer need taking up space in your disc servers)