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Retaining Metadata


Well-known member
Picking this as the forum for this topic.... I was getting repeated "difficulty reading movie" errors during playback, so deleted & redownloaded a movie. Chose to do it via the on-screen interface, so it warned that all copies would get nuked, not just the one I knew had issues.

What it did not mention, is that playback state, collection membership, and every other scrap of data would also go away when deleted. There weren't any updates waiting in the wings (that it told me about, anyway,) so the copy re-downloaded should've been exactly the same as what was there before (other than thankfully without the glitches.)

If this is expected behavior, can it not be? Paused position, playback state, and collection membership have to constitute less than a rounding error for space, so there isn't really any benefit to removing them on deletion.


Well-known member
◥ ◣ Kaleidescape, Inc.
Sorry for the bad experience. Obviously the root problem here is that you should not have had to delete and re-download a movie to resolve a playback issue.

What you've described, though, is the expected behavior. When you delete a movie from your system, all associated metadata is removed. We have no way of knowing whether you intend to do a short-term deletion or if you plan to delete something forever, and having additional entries in the database for movies that are never coming back, while a small storage impact, could still result in a performance impact. (One or two movies, obviously not, but if we never threw anything away, this could build up over time.)

If you had deleted just the affected version (you can do this from your system's browser interface, or from the Movie Store itself either in the browser or the mobile app), then the collection membership would have been retained, although the playback location might be lost if it was in the copy that you were deleting.

I will mention this scenario to the team for possible future changes.