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Newbie question M700


New member
New to KS family and had a question about the M700, I currently have around 200-250 Blu-rays that I'd like to put in an easy to get location instead of having to go thru mutliple cases looking for movies you know the deal. Anyway it's my understanding is I can play directly from the M700 without having to get another player is that correct? If not is there another unit I can get without have to get a server to download movies? I'm only looking to watch them on 1 TV so I thought i could hook the M700 to the main TV and use the integrated player to watch right off the vault? Is this correct can i do this?



Well-known member
Actually no. The M700 is a component that must be paired with a server (1u, 1u+, 3u, cinema one) to work at all. It mostly does not work like an old DVD or CD carsouel. You put your discs in the M700 and it copies the content to the server's hard drives for instant playback. It does not have the ability to just play them back directly as a stand alone component. For CDs and DVDs (assuming the server is grandathered for DVD import) you can remove the discs from the vault after import is complete. For Blu-ray, the discs must stay in the vault to prove that you own them otherwise playback from the server for that disc is disabled. It does not check the disc each time but rather it just remembers which discs are present as they are inserted and removed. There are a few other caveats around using the vault with a newer encore component but the above covers most use cases.


I got that from this post-

When the DV700 is added to the Alto / Encore system, it does not rip the Blu-ray to its hard drive. It just plays the disc directly from the vault over its Ethernet connection. Because the disc has to physically load, there is maybe a 15 second delay before the movie starts, compared to a movie saved on the hard drive, which plays instantly. But with the disc loaded in the vault, it functions just like a movie downloaded from the K store. It starts playing directly from the movie, bypassing all the preview, and you have scene access, etc. The only difference is the 15 second delay at the start.

The Strato / Terra paired with an Alto / DV700 just offers a much more complete solution for dealing with and upgrading an existing Blu-ray movie catalog.


New member
GREAT, thanks for the info.
Is there another option for downloading disks other then the disk vault or do I need to purchase new movies from the K store??


Well-known member
The K store is the only source for downloads. With premiere system (say a M700 and 1u server at minimum) you can import all your discs* to the server and playback on multiple players at once. You can also download store content onto a premiere system.

On an Alto or Strato (Encore) the only source of content that can be imported/stored is from the K store. The latter two can utilize the vault in a more limited fashion. Both can catalog discs and play some discs directly from the vault one at a time. I know they can play DVDs in this manner, and I know Strato does not play Blurays. I am not certain if the Alto plays Blurays from the vault.

I mentioned cataloging briefly above... With this feature on a premiere system, alto, or strato + vault, you can upgrade your discs to owning the movie from the store with a discount given on some titles.

*the premiere server must be 'grandfathered' for DVD imports. If not, it plays the DVD directly from the vault, carousel style.
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