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New Control4 drivers released


Well-known member
◥ ◣ Kaleidescape, Inc.
The point is that when the movie is playing, there are still potentially onscreen elements with which you would need to interact. So overloading the select button with play/pause is quite problematic.

We could potentially do something where we would swap the functionality when such an element is onscreen, but at that point, we would be talking about adding explicit software support to kOS (not just the Control4 driver) to work around a limitation of a third-party remote.

The functionality we have now in the new Control4 driver, where the buttons can have different mappings depending on state, are governed by whether playback is active or not. This playback state information is available from our control protocol. To do what you're proposing, the control protocol would have to additionally report, when playback is active, whether there is an onscreen interactive element either from the playing media -- e.g. a Blu-ray menu -- or from our own OSD. That functionality doesn't exist in the control protocol today, so it would be a substantial engineering effort to create it, and that's why it's not a straightforward change to the driver to implement such a feature.


I get the complexity involved but currently the “flagship” c4 remote provides a subpar experience when using kscape because of this deficiency.


Well-known member
So for those with a Neeo remote can we make the center on button also play/pause.
Your programmer could bootstrap that on. It would always send both, so if you did have interactive elements open it could get messy, but at least it's possible.