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New Catalogued Script of the 3 New and Classic examples of Egocentric Proximity.


Well-known member
It started in minute 36 of this youtube.

Obviously the young man lacks the insights from having Experienced the Gravity Premiere in the room where ATMOS was invented. Back in 2013 and making this project my central preoccupation. If you follow the scripts now we peel some layers of the onion. This script is proof that this kid is wrong.I have identified 3 types of proximity effects that are actually elements of the EGOCENTRIC SOUNDFIELD as opposed to the traditional aspects of Legacy surround that we all Know and Love but that are examples of ALLOCENTRIC RENDERING.
Gravity+Premiere+AZYMUTH ANGLE.png

No time to explain fully today here is a snippet from somewhere else that sheds some light. I argue...

Now that you are beginning to understand that for the last 6 years I have not being watching movies for enjoyment but instead scanning and vetting them not for an excellent Legacy Type ALLOCENTRIC surround mix, but for these fleeting short moments of EGOCENTRIC proximity effects, in the wraparound and from overhead (and now I am adding a third SURROUND MOVING BASS -directional ping pong concussive effects) perhaps you will appreciate more the motivation why I have committed so much to this research project without actually sitting down to watch the whole film in many cases(65 grand in kaleidescape store + 45 on multichannel out of print music) trying to recreate the binaural like 3D elements endemic to the Room Where Atmos was Invented.

3 kinds of proximity.png
LEGEND:W is for Wraparound proximity effects but also effects that transit over the MLP, T is for Topsmmersion you need to have robust ceiling speakers for this (try setting at 40-50 instead of 80 the crossover to get the pounding down effect) , MBOB Is Moving Bass on Bed channels (ping pong surround bass this requires deselecting the 80 hz crossover to LFE and set to full range), the number indicates intensity in decreasing order,

I will add more clarity at a later post, long day.


  • script_3_kinds_of_3D_PROXIMITY_demo_.dat
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