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Netflix/Prime/Apple+ etc films


Well-known member
Howdy y’all. Been a while! :) Hope everyone is well. Roll on 2022 haha.

Given the “current” demise of physical cinema and an incredible amount of content (films, although decent TV series not withstanding) coming from Netflix/Prime/Apple+ studios etc, does anyone know/see or, like me, tad concerned that “we” are missing a lot of epic content the way it was meant to be seen?

Until such times when majority of internet connections support full bit rate streaming - likely some time off - then the only way to watch full bit rate films is via disc (dying) or K (great for K!). However that assumes the studios sign deals with K. All the usual incumbents have but have Netflix/Apple+ etc or will?

I know Marriage Story and Irishman were released on Criterion. But will things like Greyhound, Pieces of a woman, The Midnight Sky etc make it to K?

I have Apple TV 4K rigged up to my setup but there’s always that niggle that I’m watching/listening to a subpar version. They didn’t shoot them at half bit rate did they...? 🤓


Well-known member
Streaming is subpar. I want Netflix to allow the niche group of Strato owners to buy Netflix Original content. I have Stranger Things on UHD Disc. So it is possible to get a mezzanine file. I am just not sure if it makes any money for Kaleidescape.


Well-known member
Building on this idea, what are the most important pieces of content (give the name and the service on which it is exclusive) that you would pay to buy if available on Kaleidescape at Kaleidescape quality?


Staff member
Forum Administrator
Authorized Kaleidescape Dealer
My wife and kids are Star Wars fans, so this series was a must for them. She added D+ just for this series, only watched when new episodes were released, she's now doing the same with Wanda Vision (which I have not seen). I'm not someone that likes "wait a week" for the next episode type viewing, so with The Mandalorian I waited for season 1 to finish and then watched all episodes back to back over a few days, I'm now doing the same with season 2, and they are well done and entertaining. 🙂



Well-known member
+1 for the Mandalorian
Jack Ryan(Amazon Prime) & Cobra Kai(Netflix) for me


Well-known member
This could be a long list... ignoring TV shows for the moment, my take would be pretty much the majority of "original content" films with the usual A/B list stars that in a different age would have been made by the incumbent studios or independents that are now being picked up by Apple/Netflix/Prime etc.

If I get half hour I'll run through my "watchlists" and post them