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Millennium Club (Who's With Me!)

I had a speedreader but I sold it and am very happy I did as there is so little call for one now with the vaults.

As for the millenium club, I am well established into that:
2,725 films + 13 concerts
693 titles from the k-store
~1200 or so audio CDs.
Well as somebody who started when the Kaleidescape Bulk Loader / PowerFile combination was the bulk loading option for my system over 10 years ago I am so glad that downloads have become more the norm and the need to buy so many physical discs has decreased as standing there loading them one by one is no fun although the disk vaults I have help ;)

I looked at my system and I see that my collecting is out of had and rehab is necessary but then sometimes the 'customers who bought this also bought this etc, etc etc. on Amazon proves just too strong and my credit card takes another hit.

On my system there are: -

8482 DVD's and BluRays
2720 CD's
but only 185 HD movies on my Terra.

Yes there are some duplicates and many still to watch and based upon my day count being closer to to the Moody Blues 22,000 Days from the Long Distance Voyager album than Jim's 29,200 days I know I have no chance to watch them all but I shall keep trying.......
That's the device for sticking blu-rays when cycling through discs because your vaults are full, right? Maybe I'm doing it wrong.
It's actually a speed reader for loading content on to your Server.
It will only load DVDs. It won't read Blue rays.
Blue rays must be stored in a Vault.

Transepoch was kidding....he's fully aware regarding the function of the speed reader.....he can be cryptic using his sense of humor from time to time.;) (Great guy BTW.)

Ahh... Sarcasm.
Not technically, as storing discs I ejected because my vaults were full is actually how I have been using mine for a while now. (Keeps them ordered, stacked, near the vaults, and generally out of trouble without the time/effort of sticking them back in the cases and eventually needing to pull them back out again after getting another vault or clearing slots.) Not sure why I use so much past-tense there... still doing it.

Was quite inconvenient when the holiday hauls (or other major sales) had more significant numbers of DVDs in the mix, and I had to move everything out of the way to use the device for its intended purpose.
I should clarify, perhaps. I meant I still have the 3U in my system, lo these many years later. The Speed Reader was loaned to me for a little while after I joined the company, so that I could import my library. I'm sure it's still in the office somewhere.
I know this thread hasn't seen much action, but I've been waiting nearly 2 years to be able to join the Millenium Club so I wasn't about to let the age of the thread stop me from posting! I just crossed over at 1008 with my last batch of downloads. Now...about that badge idea! :)
Wow, long ways to go for me, only using a Cinema1, First Movie i purchased was on Aug. 20 2022, at 660 purchased so far, mostly D2D the rest during sales. I still have just over 3 pages of D2D, but cant justify buying them yet, as most of them are only 1 or 2 dollars off full price. Wow WB had a sale for $1.50! Hope to see more sales like that, but not sure i could afford it if they did.
Joined the club with 1116 movies the other day. Thanks to the D2D bug that made me hurry a bit. New server and drives ordered today so I can download them.

Physical media
800 4K & Blu-Rays
700 DVDs
800 Laserdiscs (D2D reader for these could be useful)
Ha, just noticing. When I started this thread, I was into my 9th page of movies. I'm now into my 11th page. There are 120 movies per page, and I think I'll be into page 12 soon.

So I got a used Alto 4TB, delivered Sept. 8 2022, then got a Terra 40Tb + Strato C, delivered Sept. 28, 2022, and I'm at 796 movies, 9 series, 11 concerts. I got an extra Alto 6TB recently, so I could put my Alto 4TB in another location, but it also gives me 2TB extra :cool:

Here are some stats:

Screenshot 2023-06-30 at 19.03.46.pngScreenshot 2023-06-30 at 19.11.39.pngScreenshot 2023-06-30 at 19.18.46.png
Screenshot 2023-06-30 at 19.15.56.pngScreenshot 2023-06-30 at 19.16.17.png

I basically made an Excel sheet (works in G-Suite as well) in which I manage my wishlist and purchases, and it then gives me lots of statistics. I also use it to filter out movies I haven't seen yet, and for example are less that 2h, in case that's the time I have...:cool:
I didn't know this thread existed! Very cool. I just recently crossed the mark. Currently sitting:

957 Digital Downloads (88tb Terra server)
107 Discs (DV700)
1064 Total.

Greatest decision I've made was adding a DV700 Vault so I could import Criterion and other rare titles and access all from one interface via Lumagen co-star. Love it!