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Lord of the Rings


Well-known member
Yeah, I removed them also and would have to go digging in storage for the discs. Decided to just pay and now enjoy....
Same here. Removed them in 09.23.2013 when I d2d to empty slots in my vaults back then. Go to my storage and dig them out would directly and indirectly cost me more. And it's 30°F here....I also don't know if it would work when in vault and fully ripped in my 1U+, I don't have an Alto.

However it's interesting that from a Theatrical Cut BD disk we can get the same upgrade offer for both editions.


Well-known member
Random question for the group. I purchased/downloaded he Extended editions of all 6-films; any benefit to also purchase the original/theatrical?


Staff member
Forum Administrator
Authorized Kaleidescape Dealer
I'm an extended version person. Once obtained, I don't ever watch the theatrical release. IMO, theatrical releases often leave out scenes that help explain other aspects of the film, or at least add to character development that helps us better understand the motivations of the characters presented in the film. This is usually done in order to meet some length of film concerns or requirements, and while I do understand they are trying to keep the audience interested throughout the film, or meet some theater timing requirements, these deleted scenes often leave us with questions, intentionally or not.........

One example that comes to mind is the 20+ yo old film "Boogie Nights" (Mark Wahlberg). I believe the theatrical release was in the 2.5 hour range, and some folks complained it was too long. I watched that release at the original Premiere, but had also seen a version that was 3+ hours before it was released (albeit with the editing timer in place, which I always find distracting), and I thought the longer version was much more entertaining, did a better job with the characters, and actually held my interest better. (Others associated with the film agreed.)