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Longer than Usual HDMI runs and other cabling Qs


Well-known member
It's with a slightly sly smile I ask...

If your existing room had a 15 meter (~50ft) HDMI cable connecting a 1080p panel and equivalent receiver and everything worked without issue, when you chose to upgrade both the panel and receiver (even if they are later 4k models but same manufacturers) to allow for 4k, would you:

1) Choose to obtain new "certified for 4k" and "2.0" cabling?
In 2009 I invested in AudioQuest HDMI X in wall (unsure if this is what it was but that is what is on the end connector shielding (HDMI X aq). Since that time I have read alot about this being more about piece of mind and perception of quality versus engineering or technical limits. So I am unsure about what is hype and profit margins, and what is needed for functional quality and economics.

2) If so, is there recommendations on cabling vendors? Long HDMI cabling for use with 4K seems to be fairly rare. All my reseller has is https://secure.libertycable.com/product_details.php?pitem=DL-HDM-M-015M#orderOptions versus the well known brands pushed by big box retailers.

3) Would you choose to retain a couple RJ45 runs for Ethernet and Serial/Control usage, but remove component and other audio oriented cabling out of the solution?



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I've been having very good success using Ethereal MHX series cables coupled with their HDM-GA1 Gigabit Accelerator. Although the longest run we've had was 12 meters, the HDM-GA1 has been tested out to 15 meters with full support for the required 18Gbps to get 4K/60, 4:4:4, and HDR. It is said to work with any 24 gauge HDMI cable, so I would consider that purchase first and try it with your current cable, it might be fine, and if not than you can move to an MHX series, or equivalent. Here's a link to the HDM-GA1 (and cables if you search Metra's site): https://metrahometheater.com/hdm-ga1.html

Personally, I always run Cat cable to all devices that have an ethernet input for RS232 control, or standard ethernet input for product updates (if relevant), and normally a couple of runs for redundancy.

Your dealer should be able to get you the Ethereal gear if you decide to go that route, but if not and you need help, PM or email me and I'll get those items to you.