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Lip Sync test material


Well-known member
K is the perfect source to provide tools to fix the lip sync issues. For reasons I don't understand, the issue seems to be getting worse!!


Well-known member
Agree. It would be an amazing tool since you could select the audio in the onscreen movie menu. SJ


Well-known member
I watched parts of three different movies on K last night (love the "Scenes" and Scripts function). On one, the lip sync was WAY off (basically unwatchable) , on another is was a smaller off and the last was perfect. I must say I find that totally unacceptable. Unfortunately, I don't now recall which was which or I would play this discs thru my Oppo and see if there was any issue at all. This really needs to be addressed.

If this were the only issue I have with the product and support, I would not be so frustrated. While an owner for a short amount of time, I must confess I continue to find things that really need addressing but are not being addressed (or if they are, they are keeping it a huge secret) - things that needed addressing when I as an owner 5 years ago. The pricing charged for this system screams "Kaleidescape is a Premier Product" - but it most certainly is not a Premier Product. Trinnov is a Premier Product, clearly demonstrated by the product, the support, constant FREE feature upgrades and continuous communication from the Company. That is a model that K should try to emulate.

Other than the scenes function, scripts, and instant access to the K library of movies, my NAS/Plex product really is superior to K, the ripping process notwithstanding. That should not be the case given what K charges for this system.

Talk to us, Kaleidescape. Tell us what is going on. What are you doing to improve the product (not bug fixes)? What will this product look like in 5 years?


Well-known member
Let us know if you remember which one was way off so others might be able to check. I’ve not noticed any lip sync issues. I wish that K had lip sync material as I swear there are differences between my Strato C and my Oppo 205 (when I run test material). SJ


Staff member
Forum Administrator
Would be great if K could add lip sync test material (4K24 and 4K60) the way they now have picture tests for download. SJ
This is a fantastic idea. Hope they implement this.


Well-known member
If they can get the Spears and Munsil test disc in the store, that will most assuredly address the issue. Or add one of the youtube files that do this and already exist. There are also some files files available on-line

Or, as a start, can they provide the built in delays in the player/server? That would be very helpful.


As someone who's new to Kaleidescape but critical when it comes to quality (especially audio), I am adding my observations.
I have noticed severe audio/video sync issues on my Strato C with the movie Ford vs Ferrari watching the scene "Alone Time with Henry Ford II" (over 100ms). It was especially obvious because of the way Tracy Letts (playing Henry Ford II) speaks. I immediately watched the same scene on my AppleTV (both devices are connected to the same Trinnov Altitude 32) and the sync was perfect on the AppleTV.
What was surprising: when I rebooted the Strato C and rewatched the scene again, the sync wasn't nearly as bad to the point where I believe 90% of people wouldn't notice it unless they paid close attention to it.
Further: after keeping the device on standby for 24 hours and watching the same scene, the lip sync is severely misaligned like the previous day.

I also have NOT noticed the same amount of audio sync issues with a Strato S that I had on loan prior to purchasing the Strato C.


Well-known member
Would be great if K could add lip sync test material (4K24 and 4K60) the way they now have picture tests for download. SJ
I do think that is a good idea.

What are the picture tests that you are referencing?


I just started watching Black Phone and I am noticing the lips sync is off as well. First movie I downloaded, audio sounds good but feels completely disconnected when watching the movie.