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Kscape powered down.


I am new to Kscape system. I plan to use it mostly on weekends for home theater. Is there a problem if I leave the system powered down all week and turn it on Friday pm and off Sunday PM????


I have a system at home and a demo system here in the office, iboth get powered down with no issues. the only downside is I get bombarded with e-mail from Kaleidescape that the system is down... which is actually what makes Kaleidescape so brilliant, we get up to date status on all our clients systems, in terms of disk capacity, power issues and network issues, it means that we can suppoer our clients and have fixes ready before thay are aware there is a problem with it.

Disks may shorten their life being spun up and down in this manner, but I'm not convinced that there would be a massively marked difference.

So my answer is, no, turn it on and off to your hearts content, but... leave it on all weekend so that it can at least get its software updates, Kaleidescape do upgrade the unit on a regular basis.


Well-known member
What is 'off?'


Can someone remind me the different power states and what 'off' is in this thread? I ask because I noticed that when my mini-system is in what I thought was 'off,' I can stick a DVD or CD in to import it. The large front lights aren't on (the large ones that blink on/off), but the smaller one next to the eject button is on and flashes during the import. Is that state considered off, where the drives are not spinning? Or is that a sleep mode of some sort?