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I'm an orphaned CinemaOne 2nd Gen customer still madly in love with Kaleidescape. I'll eventually move to a Strato/Terra system. I have been reading and re-reading various threads on audio and I think that a partnership with K+Roon and/or Tidal makes sense. I'd love to see this explored and welcome feedback from the sage members on this forum...and even K themselves. Here's why I think this is a great idea.

1. Kaleidescape as a Roon endpoint
I'm a lifetime Roon subscriber and I suspect there are many on this board that also use Roon for music. I'd love to see the music side of K act as a Roon endpoint, with all the benefit that brings. However, try to find a way to integrate the best parts of the 10 foot interface and animations that K currently has with the Roon UX. I think this could be a beautiful blend and a great way to revive the music experience by extending this capability to the Encore line.

2. Kaleidescape as a Tidal video player
Tidal offers a lot of video content including podcasts, concerts and music videos that would shine on our big screens. Roon members have no appetite for video playback and I get that. Again, I think the 10 ft user interface could be of great benefit.

3. Roon as the catalog engine/database for Kaleidescape music
According to recent posts, it seems that the Kaleidescape music database may not updated as frequently as it used to be. A Roon partnership would obviate the need for such updates.

4. Kaleidescape as a possible purchase and download point for the Tidal store. You can actually purchase music from Tidal. Not sure how many tracks or if you can buy MQA but you can purchase uncompressed FLAC or MP3 files. Problem is the store interface is clunky and Tidal does a poor job even advertising the online store. I'd like to be able to securely buy and download music to my system.

5. Now that Qobuzz is available, Tidal may be more open to developing a partnership as their monopoly as the only high quality audio option is eroding.

6. As an aside, I also think that K should explore a partnership with Auro Technologies. I hear that format is awesome for music playback. But that's another post...

What do you think? Are these interesting ideas?


Well-known member
Why not use a control system, such as Crestron, and a Roon ready endpoint? You'll have a unified user interface on your remote or touch panel.

I like your thinking, still integrating these services together through a control system is the easiest method.


Thx for the feedback. I already use a Roon ready endpoint and a control system. Not looking to control the system as much as to extend the utility of my current or future Kaleidescape investments. The music interface on my Cinema One is perfectly fine...so is the interface on my iPad for Roon. What's lacking is any type of large screen video support from tidal unless I rig up my Mac mini and control the web interface. Roon doesn't support video, per prior mention, and there is no interest in doing so.

But I'm intrigued how Crestron is able to provide all the functionality I described:

Video support in Tidal
Music purchase in Tidal
Downloading and storing tracks from Tidal on Roon

Can you walk me thru how you see Crestron, or another control system, doing this?