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Kaleidescape in a 2 Channel and/or Flat Panel Setup


Well-known member
Hello all,

I think many of us here are using Kaleidescape in a dedicated home theater projection type space, but I'm curious if anyone is:

- Using Kaleidescape only in a 2 channel and/or flat panel type setup
- Using Kaleidescape in a dedicated theater room and also for playback in a secondary 2 channel and/or flat panel type setup

I have 2 spaces here. A dedicated 7.2.4 projection theater room, but also an 85" Sony X900 and 2.2 channel setup in my living for standard viewing. I have an Apple TV in both places and my Kaleidescape only in the theater.

I've considered whether I want Kaleidescape also in the secondary room. But also, should we move to a smaller space (which we had been considering) would I want the Kaleidescape if I only had 85" 2 channel space.

Given the cost of Kaleidescape is generally more applicable/justifiable when placed into an expensive space, what motivated you to purchase for use in a setup of much lower cost?


Well-known member
We have 2 zones in our home (theater and family room). I‘m the cook and watch a lot more movies in our family room. We also have had guests and watch the previous movie in a new sequel in our family room and then move to the theater after dinner for the new movie. Hardly ever watch a movie the first time on our family room. I would say that the family room gets used twice as much for K content than our dedicated theater. We do have a minimal ATMOS setup (5.2.1) in our family room. SJ


Well-known member
Authorized Kaleidescape Dealer
I have a Strato/M500 (CoStar) in my media room which has both a 65-inch Sony flat panel and JVC NX7 projector (day/night use) and then an M300 in my bedroom to a LG OLED. Having the option/ability to watch my Premiere content in the bedroom is great; we'll send the kids in there if we're having an movie night, or if we want to turn in and watch in bed. Would I like a Strato-C and CoStar in the bedroom as well? Yes. Yes I would. ;-)


Well-known member
⭐️⭐️ Patron ⭐️⭐️
I have three zones in our home(11.6.2 HT, living room and bedroom). I am using 3 Strato C players co-stared with M300 players. In the family room and bedroom I have two Samsung 75Q950T TVs with Sonos Arc. 60-70% of the viewing takes place in the HT but I will often find my children watching a movie in the family room, they love K's convenience and quality.

In another home, where we spend few weeks and all weekends from December until end of March, I am using two grouped Strato S 12TB players with an LG 77W7 OLED TV with a Bose 5.1 system in the family room and a Samsung 55" TV in the bedroom. I have installed these two players as internet speed in this location is < 2Mbps so streaming is not really an option. Only "inconvenience" is that from time to time I have to bring one of these players back to our home in order to download newer movies.

I have bought everything some years ago so much cheaper than today. With current prices, I would have maybe skipped buying one Strato S and one Strato C player.


Active member
I'm probably the exception. Just one home. I just have a nice 75" OLED. My sound is a nicer 2-ch system at heart, but with a matching center, nicer sub, and unmatched surround speakers. I LOVE 2ch music and movies. I just can't ever afford dedicated systems for each, much less a movie theater room. This is just my living room, and my only K-scape space, for now. My intention is to add K to two more rooms down the line.

As for why? I LOVE movies, and I love my movie collection. Nothing else comes close to K. I wanted all my movies accessible easily by everyone who uses the system and to get discs away/hidden/gone. The quality of K is amazing and immediately noticible. And finally, discs as a media are, in my opinion, becoming a thing of the past. With Oppo out of the scene, there's fewer and fewer options I'd entertain for disc players.

Roon revolutionized how I obtained, stored, and use my music collection. Kaleidescape has thankfully done the same now for movie content.


Staff member
Forum Administrator
⭐️⭐️ Patron ⭐️⭐️
Authorized Kaleidescape Dealer
I have several locations, all with K setups, the largest being our (currently) main home in Florida. I have 7 zones in this house, all support K Premiere playback, and 4 also support UHD (with Stratos). Most of the (Sony) displays are now either 75" or 85" with a mix of OLED and 8K displays (added 3 of the 8K displays in the past 4 months). I only use the audio from the displays in the guest rooms. My children's rooms have soundbars added to their displays. K works great at all of those locations.

That said, I do think that having K in our guest rooms is a waste as they are hardly used. Guests tend to be out doing things, not hanging around a bedroom, so they almost never get used.



Well-known member
I have Kaleidescape (Premiere) in two locations, both 2.1 setups. We have a room wired for a theatre setup and when we can afford this, we’ll get a Strato as well. Even without a proper theatre, the ease of use of the Kaleidescape is great!


Well-known member
⭐️⭐️ Patron ⭐️⭐️
K in the main "theatre" room but put both Premiere and Encore in the Living room purely because its "helluva investment" just to be limited to one room and regardless of how awesome/expensive the main room is, sometimes you just want to watch something without the "entire experience". Was that impressed by Lumagen Radiance Pro that I put a smaller Lumagen Pro in the living room too - now that was extravagant but it avoided a costar device and, frankly, bloody awesome!

Have toyed with putting premiere or encore players elsewhere but not really seen the need. Have installed premiere at 2 other locations tho and encore at another. Some of that is cost driven, some of that is just situational.


Well-known member
⭐️⭐️ Patron ⭐️⭐️
The secondary location concept is primarily why I bought a second Stratos-S, but we seem to always gravitate to the media room now that I put in the Sony 885es....../so I currently have the unit for sale as I never opened the box or activated the unit in case anyone wants one for lesser price than now.
I still have an 82” Samsung in this room, so it’s more like using the projector for movies and major sports and the TV if just a quick show or something. If I don’t sell, I’m tempted to Explore a benefit of unpacking it for use to serve an outdoor pool location, but that might be a little much.