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Internet bandwidth limits


Well-known member
ISP bandwidth limits have come up a couple times in the last five years, but just to give others a heads-up: Comcast made a major push on expanding their 1T/month limit effective 1/1/2021.

I plan to go back through the monthly bills to double-check if somehow I just missed it, but the first I saw anything about this nasty little change was when they texted me to say I had already burned-through 75% for this month. When it last came up in 2019 they were not doing it in this area, and we couldn't even see our usage, so going from that to overage imminent does not make me happy. (Step two of the plan involves going through and making sure copies of everything is downloaded from the store, so I don't have to taint any month after the February grace-period, which they claim will be automatically credited back in March.)


Staff member
Forum Administrator
Authorized Kaleidescape Dealer
Was that Comcast "business," or Comcast's Xfinity (Residential)? I ask because I use Comcast business in my FL house and have never had any download restrictions, nor have I ever received any notices on usage limits.



Well-known member
It was the residential/Xfinity service. More permissive fair use (including less port-blocking) are hallmarks of the "business class" service from providers.


Well-known member
It's been too long since I had a chat with their loyalty department, so will need to make sure they throw that in there. Just wanted to warn anyone who may not be as far through the process of collecting their holiday sale haul.


Well-known member
I too opted to go unlimited with their x1 service. Cannot recall the exact terms, but I think by doing their xfi advantage it provided unlimited data.


Well-known member
⭐️ Premium ⭐️
I subscribe to the Xfinity residential package with 1GB speeds and pay an extra $30 a month for unlimited data. Due to sales pricing on the K store along with a few other K downloads (to get better audio from HD over HDR :cry:), I hit 7TB in November and 9.2TB in December (a typical month sees about 3TB).

Without the unlimited data package, there is a charge of $10 for each 50GB over 1.2TB (not to exceed an additional $100). The unlimited package is worth it right now, but it will be interesting to see what Xfinity and others do with data caps and fees in the coming months/years as quality continues to improve and file sizes continue to increase.



Well-known member
Agreed!! I checked usage and I hit just shy of 7tb in Nov and 12.7tb during Dec.