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Indiana Jones collection


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◥ ◣ Kaleidescape, Inc.
Okay, cool, thanks for clarifying. I thought it might be something like that, and that's a good plan to do some content loading while you're on a nice wired connection. So, yes, my reply above explains why you're seeing different download speeds to the Terra and the Strato even though the network is the same.

Regarding copying content from the Terra to the Strato, the answer is "sort of, but probably not what you want." We have a replication feature that is intended to copy all of the content from one system or server to a new system, as you would do if you were replacing hardware. But since that's the intended use case, it's an all-or nothing process, so going from a Terra to a Strato may not work out very well, if the Terra has more content on it than you want (or will fit) on the Strato.

Given the download speeds that you're seeing on your network, it seems clear that the Strato is not constrained in its download speed by your Internet. Even if you were copying from the Terra to the Strato on the LAN, I don't think it would go appreciably faster. Replication also takes the source server effectively offline for the duration of the replication (so that things aren't changing as it's trying to do the copy), so you wouldn't be able to watch any movies from the Terra during the replication.

What you can do to make things go as fast as possible is to not interact with the Strato at all while it's downloading. If you're navigating the onscreen display or using the browser interface or whatever, the player will actually throttle its download speed so that it has enough CPU performance available to keep the UI responsive. You can keep track of the download progress on the movie store web site or using the mobile app. Those will not cause the player to throttle, because that's all coming from our online services. Note that the Terra does not throttle downloads in this fashion, because it has more CPU power available.

I hope this helps!

Finally, regarding your pricing question -- the disc-to-digital and digital-to-digital upgrade pricing are often different by varying amounts, just due to the way those offers work. Based on the pricing you saw, it sounds like you no longer have the cataloged discs in your system, so it was a digital-to-digital upgrade.
The only reason I didn’t have the discount from the cataloged disc is because I took the Blu-ray offer one week before the 4K came out but If I waited one week then it still would’ve been cataloged.
So you were saying if I waited one week I would have save $20?
Also, for the record, thank you for technical explanation above. That is the type of information that I love knowing so I know what to expect to put performance in an accurate expectation.


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◥ ◣ Kaleidescape, Inc.
My pleasure. I'll touch base with you offline regarding the pricing questions.