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Help Get K Into Movies Anywhere


Well-known member
Yea, I have to make a decision, movie by movie, where I purchase. For instance, my wife uses Vudu as her browsing tool. If we are together, she will say, "do we have that on Kaledescape," but she doesn't start there for a variety of reasons, not the least of which that not all of our movies are on K.

So, if it's a movie that my wife is likely to watch regularly, like Christmas movies or others that she might want to watch without me, I buy on Vudu. If it's a movie that we will likely only watch together, or one where I really want no compromise on the picture/sound, then I buy on Kscape.

Obviously, Movies Anywhere (and underlying studio) is getting the sale regardless, but from K's standpoint, there are many purchases I would make on K to support them, if the movie transferred to Vudu, which I'm now buying on Vudu to make it easier for my wife.


Well-known member
The partnership, at this stage, certainly doesn't look like it has any promise anytime soon, which is very unfortunate. I, as others, have been sending requests to MA bi-weekly in attempts to show continuing support. After their follow up 'response' to our queries and creating a new email point of contact to send our requests, i have yet to receive an email response even acknowledging email(s) as before. So, in theory, our emails are very likely loading up in a spam type mailbox and falling on deaf ears, or they simply don't feel a need to acknowledge any receipt of these emails.
To date, as a source, MA doesn't offer selections from Paramount, MGM, or Lionsgate.


Staff member
Forum Administrator
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Authorized Kaleidescape Dealer
There is nothing to "update." K has already stated their position, as has MA (impliedly about K), and this has not changed. There is a lot more work that goes into this process than people realize. Separate from the contracts, which is itself a slow process (we lawyers bill by the hour), there are several logistical details as well. MA has their own schedule, and it is not affected by the personal desire of K owners, they will eventually get around to adding K, but on their terms and timetable. It's just business, and allocation of resources. They apparently work on one at a time, so obviously they are going to service the larger user base providers first because of their numbers. K is likely not high up on their "to do"list (I'm speculating here), and a year or two to these companies is just "normal course," but it can feel like forever to certain personality types waiting for the service.

There is no need for K to provide regular updates because there is nothing to update (they may also be restricted from making comments while the process is ongoing). It might help calm those that wake up every day wondering when MA will be available, but in the end it will be available when the process is complete. As far K not saying anymore than they've already said regarding MA because they would lose sales or current owners (implies they know it's not coming but are hiding that to make more sales), is in a word, RIDICULOUS. That said, a lack of communication allows for the formation of conspiracy theories, and implied negative motivations, so in that regard the occasional comment from K would be helpful for those people.