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Help Get K Into Movies Anywhere


Well-known member
It would benefit us all to make a concerted effort to inform Movies Anywhere about the need for K. The key to getting this done is to appeal to MA, not K. K wants to be part of this, but it is MA themselves that decide and define the onboarding.

Step 1: Web

The above link goes to the MA help/feedback ticket system. I have provided here a template from which to make a ticket.

Type your email

"Request to have Kaleidescape as an MA retailer"

"Hello. I am an owner of digital movie player made by Kaleidescape. They represent the pinnacle of home entertainment fidelity and sell movies and content through their digital store. They were formerly members of Ultraviolet. I would very much like to see them added as a retailer in Movies Anywhere. You can find information on the company here: https://www.kaleidescape.com/. Thank you."

Step 2: Twitter
MA has a twitter account.


I recommend tweeting them regularly (every couple weeks or so) requesting Kaleidescape be added as a retailer. Here's an example tweet.

"@movies_anywhere I would like to have @kaleidescape added as a Movies Anywhere retailer ASAP, please. Thanks!"

Step 3: FaceBook
MA also has a FaceBook page.


Like them and then you can both post a request to their page or direct message them on Facebook. You could copy the email text above as a template.

IMO, it's worth messaging them on every platform, not just one.


Here's the reply I got. Fingers crossed that enough of us will make them give it some consideration:

Hi Garrett,

Thank you for taking the time to write to us!

I have passed along your suggestion of adding Kaleidescape as a retailer to the team for further consideration in the future. It is always nice to hear from our users; it's greatly appreciated and allows us to better improve our service.

Have a wonderful day!



I emailed them as well, and got a similar (but not identical) response as grit did above. Hopefully this helps push them a little further into getting Kaleidescape on board.


Well-known member
Authorized Kaleidescape Dealer
My FB reply: "We appreciate your feedback and patience, John! We're always looking for ways to improve our service, so keep an eye for future updates." So, kinda generic. :/


I got to thinking about this... what am I hoping for with Movies Anywhere? I missed out on ultraviolet, so I'd get to import a good portion of my library, but most of that I'd want to upgrade to 4k anyway.

My next concern is, "what happens if Kaleidescape goes out of business?" I'm skipping that too. They are ADDING studios, not losing them.

Finally, I want the ability to access my movies outside of my home (travelling, on my cell phone, on a tablet for my kids when we (rarely) fly).

So if that's it, why/when/how can Kaleidescape offer playback on devices OTHER than Kaleidescape hardware, even at a reduced version? I KNOW that's contrary to the reason we all picked Kaleidescape in the first place... but if that utility was offered....

What about the ability to stream a compressed version from a Strato (et al) over the internet to other hardware, via the Kaleidescape app?

If that existed, would it remove your desire for Movies Anywhere integration?


Well-known member
I actually think of it as the converse, and a beneficial partnership to not need to reinvent the wheel. utilize Kscape as the source of the home entertainment experience, with top quality picture and sound, and allow MA to run the platform for travel and other remote applications, albeit as the intended compressed format. The selections in Kscape are available for your use in MA. When traveling (cars, planes, hotels, etc.) the use or benefit for uncompressed and/or full range picture and sound is largely unnecessary on ones phone, iPad, laptop, etc.


Well-known member
Item 1: Don't be discouraged by getting fairly dry responses from MA. It's a good sign we get them at all and they do not appear to be entirely automatic.

I'm a professional software development manager that makes commercial, desktop software. Any decent software company should have a feature request tracking system. That system would allow each individual touch point to be added to a "count".

In my company, every 6 months we look at customer sourced items to consider both quantity and recency as a metric of informing what new features we should be focusing on.

The more requests we push into MA together over a period of time, the more exposure conceivably it should get to their marketing and technical teams.


Well-known member
Item 2: MA is important to the platform for a lot of reasons.

Of all the things that K resources could be focused on, there are many other things I would prefer to see them do than develop mobile streaming or other capabilities in the platform. They should focus on their strength which is delivering utmost quality in specific environments capable of realizing that quality.

Business risk for K is no more prevalent than any other company. This gets overblown from the past event. Any company can lose in the market enough to be crippled, even Apple or Amazon. DIYers risk complete loss of all their time and effort building ripped collections if their servers crash or burn. Nothing is absolute.

MA just removes a barrier for everyone to more freely and comfortably buy from the K store and have flexibility.

In addition, MA really helps in terms of growing the K user base. Getting a new customers nowadays means converting someone into the platform that likely already has a big physical media collection (which came with codes) or has a digital collection. The prospect of starting over in a store now where content can cost up to $36.99 is prohibitively expensive if they have hundreds or thousands of movies. MA allows people a glide path into the platform without that huge barrier.


Well-known member
Bumping this post, with the new year upon us, take the time to continue pinging MA for Kaleidescape onboarding. Do it again, even if you already had.
Emailed MA and got a slightly different response... They sent me a new email address to send participation emails to...

Hi there!

You have reached the Movies Anywhere support team. For more information on possible collaboration opportunities please contact our team at participation@moviesanywhere.com.

Kind regards,
Movies Anywhere Customer Service


Well-known member
Sounds like a polite way of them saying to us stop contacting us and an easy way for them to send our emails into an unmonitored inbox.....


Staff member
Forum Administrator
⭐️⭐️ Patron ⭐️⭐️
Authorized Kaleidescape Dealer
They probably created that address just to divert our comments and inquiries.......



Well-known member
Does anyone think K has a real chance at getting on Movies Anywhere, or is K just too small or going to be blocked based on the previous run ins with Disney?
The only people that can tell us this, is KScape and unfortunately, their policy of Zero Communication really sux...

I can understand it, because if they say no MA, then probably many would get out of the platform. I would consider it as well, having digital rights so I can view on my laptop / ipad is very important and having to buy movies twice is not ideal...

However, that being said, I think they need to keep us up to date on MA and it's progress. I'm a business owner myself, and cannot fathom that they have not had communications with MA. At least enough so to relay some timetables or status updates...