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HDR titles not showing in OSD


Well-known member
Hi all,

I’ve connected a Strato to a 4K HDR HDMI matrix and am outputting to a 4K HDR TV, so in theory everything should work ok! ;)
However, my OSD is not showing any HDR titles and the video capabilities in settings is telling me my display does not support HDR.
But my Apple TV 4K is having no problems serving 4K HDR via the same matrix and to the same display...

I’m pretty sure that this is an issue between the TV and matrix which I need to fix - perhaps setting a custom EDID? - and my first troubleshooting step will be to connect the Strato directly to the TV to see if this fixes it, but I just wanted to check first that HDR titles *not showing* in the OSD is the expected behaviour when the connected display doesn’t support HDR and that downscaling isn’t possible?

Can anyone confirm this? If this isn’t the case, then something else strange is happening! Thanks!

Mark H

Well-known member
⭐️⭐️ Patron ⭐️⭐️
This non showing of HDR titles is normal behaviour when connected to a display device that doesn't support HDR playback.


Well-known member
This non showing of HDR titles is normal behaviour when connected to a display device that doesn't support HDR playback.
Thanks Mark. I thought so. Checking with the matrix manufacturer who will hopefully have a solution (y)


Kaleidescape, Inc.
◥ ◣ Kaleidescape, Inc.
Mark is exactly correct. We suppress display of HDR content when the player detects a non-HDR display connected, since you would not be able to play it correctly. We do something similar on the old SD-only players with HD and Blu-ray content.

I'm working my way through my own 4K matrix switch installation at my house, and depending on how the matrix works, it can take a little fiddling to get a good EDID set up. In the case of my switch, you can set a per-input EDID, so it would be possible to have one source showing 4K while another one doesn't if they are not configured the same.