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George Luca's takes the gloves off around Disney! The White Slaver of Children...


Well-known member
I am sure that people have seen this in the news. So before this interview magically disappears from the internet forever. It's worth watching. Personally I completely agree with Mr Luca's and his view on Disney and what they focused on in the latest episode of Star Wars.


Minute 2:00 of the interview is the controversial comment.


Well-known member
⭐️ Premium ⭐️
Overblown. With anything this big people are looking for something to hate on. Yeah, the story was a bit too parallel with Ep4 and certain things a bit predictable, but they didn't go out and ruin the entire thing. There are some very interesting possibilities moving forward and a good bit of suspense about where it will go and a lot of love for the new characters. And it was pretty entertaining.

Disney is annoying in some ways as a company, but at the end of the day they are still a pretty decent company in the grand scheme. *shrug*



Well-known member
Interesting description by Mr. Lucas.... no one forced him to sell his "children". If George Lucas wanted to make another of these movies- he could have!

But he decided it was worth it or it was time time or both or whatever reason he is entitled- to sell. I think he made the right move- its part of the culture now and its his call, but this is a massive amount of money and why not take the pay out for his family. I'd probably do the same thing.

While he is free to say what he wants, I think the $4 BILLION Disney paid entitles them to some discretion from him. So you can say I don't think this is his finest moment. He knew exactly whom he was selling his franchise to. Its not like he thought he was selling to Royal Shakespeare Society and then he finds out- what?! I sold to Disney?! And now they want to make Mickey a Jedi?! Anyway, now Star Wars will live "forever" because it will be further enshrined at Disney parks and has a mega company behind it.

My initial reaction to the movie: a good movie, a great Star Wars movie. I think JJ Abrams had a ton ton ton of housekeeping to do and that means creativity in the story was not a priority. I think it has a similar hero’s journey but this time its Rey discovering she has these powers that she probably drew upon all those years. FN whatever his number gets a name and he discovers he has scruples and courage… The next movie will be critical. Now they can give us some creative twists….. I hope they do a good job! They have built a good foundation.

The movie is worth seeing again- upon my second viewing, I noticed several different things I missed and it actually worked better. Its still not perfect. If you say- its the biggest movie of all time- so therefore it must be absolute perfection- you will be disappointed. But instead, if you go in with an open mind, its great.

However, I do wish they gave us some more creativity / bigger space battle or something that would engage the kids of today who would say- wow! I never saw that before! However… in 1977, no one had ever seen that before. In 2015, space battles on their own are just too typical…. And often times things we've never seen before just for the sake of it, just stick out.

George Lucas did say its a family story- it seems to me JJ Abrams kept it with the family. I think JJ Abrams and his team did a great job. And that's just the movie itself. Can you imagine the pressure he must have felt- it must have been truly incredible and massive.

Where do you all place TFA among the SW movies?

My list, just purely for fun!

1. Star Wars (The original, while not the most complete movie of the bunch, I just can't get away from the movie that made me awestruck as a young boy- the space battle is still the best of the whole series and probably of any movie)

2. Empire

3. The Force Awakens

4. Return of The Jedi

5. Revenge of The Sith (these two are really close for me, they could flip flop)

6. The Phantom Menace (A movie reviewer called this the phantom movie and I agree but I think I like it better than Clones)

7. Attack of The Clones (I just did not connect at any level with this one)