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FOR SALE: FS Server (non working) but grandfathered so you can give yourself importing abilities!


⭐️ Premium ⭐️
I have a grandfathered K-Server-1500 that is dead per Rusty at Kaleidescape. I bought a new one and am back up and running, and now I have this dead one here. Normally it would go in the trash but this unit can be the key to unlock the ability to make your system grandfathered and able to "rip" and store discs. As you know, if you got into the Kaleidescape world after their settlement, you can download all you want, but you can't rip (import as they call it) or use physical discs like those who bought early. But if you buy this (dead) server, add it to your account, your account becomes grandfathered, then you can use it to trade up and buy anything else you want and gain access to importing movies and other legacy features. A small price to pay for someone that recently joined Kscape and REALLY wishes they could go back in time and "buy" access to the ability to import.
Cost is $900.


Staff member
Forum Administrator
Authorized Kaleidescape Dealer
Just to be clear, it sounds like this defective server still has its Grandfathered status (you didn't transfer those rights to the new Server), is that correct?



⭐️ Premium ⭐️
Short answer yes. More detail from Kscape themselves, when you are grandfathered like me, every legacy device you buy is its own grandfathered license. Grandfathering isn't per "person" it's per device. So now I have 2 grandfathered devices even though I am one person. And there are no restrictions so I can give/sell/inherit it to someone else and that person gets their own license which allows them to buy more stuff and tie it back to the license they started with. Kind of like the Fantasia movie, one person can spawn a lot of unrelated owners and re-seed the world. You could take this server, buy 3 more legacy ones, then give them to relatives, who can do the same, etc, etc.


New member
If you bought a new server with grandfather status, your old server can be sold with grandfather status. If you bought a new server without grandfather status and transferred the grandfather status from your old server to the new server, then you do not have a server the sell that has grandfather status.


⭐️ Premium ⭐️
Correct. I got a new one with grandfather status. The new one is already installed and working. No status was transferred.