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DV700 vault jamming


Hey guys having issues with my DV700 jamming. I have had to take it apart twice to remove the disk from the drive. What does everyone think might be causing this?


Active member
Hey guys having issues with my DV700 jamming. I have had to take it apart twice to remove the disk from the drive. What does everyone think might be causing this?
I am having this issue constantly, with 3+ vaults now.
It seems to be that the rollers get dirty, and then a disc gets stuck.
It seems to have gotten a LOT worse as the vaults have aged...

Periodically over time the units seem to re-inventory the disks in the carousel to make sure you haven't taken something out; I don't know how often this happens, but I guess the rollers get dirty from the ink on the surface of the disks, as well as dirt in the air.

It is a painful problem.


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Yup, usually the rollers, and a good cleaning usually fixes the problem (unless it's the optical drive). Although some owners use the Vaults as bulk loaders, they weren't designed for that function, they can certainly do it, but obviously the more discs that pass through the rollers, the dirtier they get. I doubt most people take the time to clean a disc before loading, and that also adds to the problem. As an example, I have 3 Vaults being used in my systems, have had two since they were originally released. I filled the Vaults only one time, seldom removed discs (but have gotten the dreaded "disc needs to be ejected" message a few times), and after all these years I still have not had to clean the rollers. (BTW, I do clean discs, even new discs, before adding to a Vault.)



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What you have to do is a good spring cleaning on the vault.
Jim is absolutely 100% right!
You have to clean your discs before you put them in the vault.
Make sure you clean both sides of the discs before you put them in.
I usually use a micro cloth and some Windex to wipe the discs clean before I put them in the vault.
When you take the vault apart to clean the rollers make sure you use rubbing alcohol and a micro cloth to clean them as well.
Do both sets of the front rollers and the rear rollers.
After you've cleaned the rollers and you continue to clean all the discs your putting in there you shouldn't have to clean the vault again for a long time.


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Here’s a k guide for cleaning the rollers with alcohol wipes -

Process takes between 20 - 40 minutes but certainly fixes the issue for a long period of time
This link should probably be a sticky as this issue will probably keep coming up.

i just had my M700 vault jam and this cleaning procedure got it working again. A little history on my vault and how I use it:
  • I checked and I have had this vault for a little over 9 years with zero issues until now.
  • I use this vault as a bulk loader of CD’s along with storing BR’s and using as a separate player.
  • For the first 5-6 years I was constantly loading CD’s that I would pick up from garage sales, Good Will stores, etc. so this vault got a lot of us. I also wasn’t very diligent about cleaning discs that I imported. I would check the used CD’s that I purchased and if one looked particularly bad, I would clean it. But otherwise, they went straight into the vault.
Anyway, all-in-all, I have been fairly hard on my vault and It has held up superbly - especially considering it is a mechanical device with lots of moving parts. The build quality of this unit is great and the engineering design is really good (when I opened it up all the discs were pretty much spread out evenly in the carousel as described in initial literature I saw).

Hopefully, I am good to go for another stretch of years - we will see.



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Another tip - make sure you put the front panel on lined up as exact as possible. There isn't much leeway and that can cause it to constantly attempt to eject and then fail to do so causing a reboot. Error 111 I believe.


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Hey guys having issues with my DV700 jamming. I have had to take it apart twice to remove the disk from the drive. What does everyone think might be causing this?
One of my vaults developed an issue where the back rollers wouldn't spin (at least after the initial check during boot-up,) which lead to "jamming" errors. The problem seemed to be dependent on which server it linked to, but there's been a firmware update or two since, so I need to find some time to re-test.

Cleaning the rollers was quite the experience: opened it up, and everything looked fine. Tried cleaning and nothing changed, just a nice uniform grey. Accidently nicked one and noticed that area was now white. Went at them with a bit more effort and they turned all white. Morale of the story: the rollers are not made of grey plastic and that isn't a surface coating to help facilitate disc movement (ewwwwww.)