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Avatar/Titanic TruCut Motion on KScape?


Well-known member
Anyone have the slightest idea if KScape will carry the re-release of Avatar and Titanic in 4K HDR (assume yes) when it happens but also with the remastered TruCut Motion?

I believe it’s at 48fps and the “next thing” to help fix 4K HDR in terms of MI with regards to BFI and SOE, but have read/seen very little on this.

I don’t think it’s a feature that one can not include since it’s integrated into the film, hence my question on if KScape will carry….



Well-known member
I saw the re-release of Avatar in Dolby Cinema with high frame rate and I thought it was terrible. All the pure CGI scenes looked like cut scenes from a Playstation game. It didn't do it any favors at all.


Well-known member
⭐️ Premium ⭐️
I saw the first "Hobbit" in 48 fps and OMG that was one of the worst things I'd ever seen. Like something taken out of a 1970s Masterpiece Theater video play.


Well-known member
⭐️ Premium ⭐️
I really enjoyed Billy Lynn's Halftime Walk at 120 fps, something clicked in the back of my head that smelling of ... reality. ;)


Well-known member
So, getting off topic here…..my point was less TruCut motion and more 4K HDR related.

Currently, avatar and titanic are only in the store as HD. My point in asking question was I am assuming KScape will get these releases soon (at least for Avatar) in 4K HDR/UHD, but when that happens will they automatically include the TruCut motion 48fps or be non TruCut motion versions?

I am not aware of how pixel works licenses TruCut Motion (maybe Jim can provide detail?), and if it is like Dolby vision and can just be not included, or if it is baked in to the release……

As a side note, I would love to see KScape begin including/licensing Dolby Vision to its titles as they do Dolby Atmos, any chance of that in the near future?


Well-known member
Fairly certain it won't be 48fps, regardless of licensing reasons, because the Strato units only support 23.976/24/25/29.97/30/50/59.94/60Hz output modes as far as I'm aware, and none of those would be able to output 48fps movies without a significant amount of motion issues.

Adding licensing issues into the mix, from what I've read on the display side, only TCL has signed on so far (although the article I read was from August, so that may be out of date), so there isn't much incentive for K to add support, even if they could via a firmware update.

I'm pretty confident they'll get a 24fps 4K HDR version though!


Well-known member
⭐️ Premium ⭐️
You mean at 60 fps. No films have been released at 120.
Lee’s preference is for viewers to watch the film in 3D, at 4K resolution (one of the crispest, sharpest pictures available), and 120 frames per second. Most theaters can display films in 3D, and quite a few can handle 4K. It’s the 120 fps that’s causing the consternation, as only a few theaters in the world are equipped to handle it.

Briefly speaking, 120 fps allows for five times as many frames per second as is typical for films. The increased amount of visual information makes for a smoother, more realistic-looking picture — but that has its pitfalls. The standard 24 frames per second allows for a certain amount of remove, a distancing effect that always lets you know you’re watching a movie. At 120 fps, things look a bit like higher definition video — or, as many people put it, like a soap opera. (Billy Lynn is the first film released at 120 fps, but Peter Jackson’s first Hobbit movie made a go of getting the public used to 48 frames per second in 2012.)

The technology has been lambasted by critics, who don’t like its eerie, lifelike images, which can almost prompt an uncanny-valley effect. Especially with 3D and the high resolution image, there are times when Billy Lynn feels almost like it’s really happening in front of you. At times, it gave me a headache from the sheer contrast between the dark theater I was in and a bright, bright screen that seemed almost a window into the real world.

Far be it for me to be a booster for technology that causes me physical discomfort, but Billy Lynn did convince me there’s something to higher frame rates as a filmmaking technique. (Numerous other directors are interested in HFR filmmaking — including James Cameron, who’s using the technique for the Avatar sequels.) I’ll explain why below, but first let’s talk about if the film works at all as a movie.

As a film, Billy Lynn is pretty clumsy​