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Add aspect ratio to app store

I’d like to see that App Store show two key pieces of info:

Aspect Ratio and audio codec.

I know Atmos/DTS:X are shown where applicable. But, it would be great to have exact audio info available for every movie (in the app)…


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Most folks are aware of this, but the listed AR is not always correct for 1.85. A movie listed as 1.85 can be 1.85, 1.9, 2.0 or 2.2..... I have to pull additional info from their control system to figure the correct AR (for masking purposes). Someday they need to add a new control system field that actually has the correct AR. They can leave the current one alone so not to cause issues with their customers who use it. SJ


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Agreed on the AR comment (@SJHT), I've experienced that as well.



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Yep, just tap on the runtime

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Thanks for pointing this out. That is something I never noticed and just assumed AR wasn’t in the app for some reason.


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