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4K version with subpar audio track


I'm a movie collector since the laserdisc days, and just recently invested in a Strato. I'm getting frustrated that many 4K HDR versions get a subpar audio track, for example, Hobbs & Shaw has just a DTS 5.1 while the HD version has Dolby TrueHD Atmos track.

I have almost all major movies available for pre-order on order, closer to release date when the audio-track is listed, there are too many titles that get just a 5.1. Recently Once upon a time in Hollywood K-version 5.1 4k-Disc 7.1. Canceled my Ad Astra last week due to only 5.1 while the 4K-disc get the Dolby TrueHD Atmos track.

I'm sure most of us here have invested in excellent systems and want to have the best available version of the movie, from what I have read I understand this is out of K's control and it's the choice of the studio?

In the current situation, I have to continue to buy 4K discs for major movie titles to get the best available audio track. I hope this will change sooner than later. Right now, the best selling point for me to use K is for all the titles that don't get a 4K-disc release at al.


Active member
Very valid points....i’m hoping 2020 responds with an update to the overall quality and service across the K board. It really is unfortunate that we have to balance the versions of the movies that we purchase when, more times than not, the superior versions are still given to disc formats. It’s hard to understand why the talk continues of studios giving up disc sales for digital when the formats issued seem to be continuously inferior. I assume the streaming world that is continuously pushed on us is the overriding catalyst.


It's especially strange like NBC Universal where they provide K the Dolby TrueHD Atmos track for the low-res HD version, and only give us a 5.1 track for the 4K version. K obviously has the audio track but can't / are not allowed to use it with the 4K version. Can anyone shine some light on this?


Well-known member
Good luck with that one - some of us have been trying to get K to provide an explanation for some considerable time - without any success. Stoney silence is as much as you can look forward too. :(


Well-known member
I am pretty sure K are aware of that and I think they are work on FOX and NBC matter coz really it’s annoying but with a lot of goodies they provide as adding MGM so the overall experience are K are the best and it should be the best in all what they provide and hope for an early release come aboard soon

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Kaleidescape Dealer
Of course K knows, and they also know that some store sales are lost to physical discs because of this issue, but not much they can do about it.

I have a few friends that don't buy 4K from the Store unless the HD codecs are included at release (assuming they are available on the disc version), and they don't go back and buy later after buying the disc version because they refuse to pay twice for the same content. They are also unwilling to wait for a possible update to the audio at some future point because they want to watch immediately upon release, and refuse to compromise that viewing experience.

I also have one friend that eventually gave up, sold his K gear and went back to physical discs. His comment to me indicated that although he loved the K interface (GUI) and functionality, the point of owning the system was to be able to conveniently watch the very best content available, and that was not happening for him because of the missing or delayed HD codecs. He decided the inconveniences of working with physical discs was worth the end result of always having the best available version in his collection.

Personally, although I do get his point, that wouldn't work for me. After nearly 20 years of using Kaleidescape, I don't think I could voluntarily go back to a disc only based system (like others I do have a couple dozen 4K discs just for the better audio), the K user experience is just too good IMO to give up voluntarily.