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Search results

  1. cinelife

    Price Increase for Strato Players and Terra Servers

    Prices on these components will increase on March 1st. Dealer pricing categories are being reduced to two levels, Silver and Gold, and dealer margins will increase slightly, and dealers are no longer required to buy demo systems. I'll post the price changes shortly. Jim
  2. cinelife

    SOLD: Cinema One (2nd Gen)

    Hi folks, a friend has asked me to list his C1 for Sale. He's asking $2,000 + shipping. Here is his description: Its a 2nd Gen Cinema One - 4TB Grandfathered Does Music DVD region is set to 0, so will import all regions Original box and packaging, HDMI cable and WiFi dongle. New...
  3. cinelife


    Have a Strato-S 6TB, new in the box. Client changed changed to a Terra during shipping, and asked me to sell it for him. Email, call, or PM for pricing. Jim
  4. cinelife

    SOLD: KSERVER-5000 (3U)

    I have One 3U for sale. KSERVER-5000 w/Twelve 2TB Drives and One 4TB Drive It does not have a Hot Spare, but all drives working. $2,800, including shipping within continental US. It is Grandfathered (can import DVD from physical disc). It is not under warranty, but was working fine...
  5. cinelife

    K120 Power Supply Replacement

    The K120 power supply replacement referenced below is a 300W power supply (versus 190) that at least one person claims will work in the K120. Only one connector needs to be adapted (according to him, the one that has 3 voltages and ground going to the HDD backplane). SilverStone...
  6. cinelife

    SOLD: Co-Star Switch kit

    Used in system for approx. 3 months before it was replaced with a Lumagen Co-Star license. $300, includes shipping within 48 states. Jim
  7. cinelife

    SOLD: Terra 24TB and Strato-C Player

    I will not be answering questions in this thread, please Email, PM, or call me for details if interested. Both under warranty. Thank you, Jim CineLife CINELIFELLC@GMAIL.COM 808-721-7839
  8. cinelife

    NEWS: Price Increase Coming July 1st.

    The MSRP on all major components of both the Encore line and the Premiere line is increasing in price effective July 1, 2019. If you are getting close to making a purchase, now is the time to do it, just a little under two weeks before the increases go into effect. JIM
  9. cinelife

    Question About Upgrading

    I know there are many of us that have added Encore components to our Premiere systems, and some members that converted completely to Encore by upgrading their older components. There are also many owners that are still Premiere only. My questions are for those owners still using Premiere...
  10. cinelife

    NEWS: Price Increase on Some Components

    Prices are increasing on several components due to an increase in the cost of parts. These increases will apply to all orders placed ON or AFTER April 15, 2019. If you are interested in placing orders for any of these components, you should contact your dealer soon to allow them time to...
  11. cinelife

    SOLD: Pakedge S26e Switch

    I listed this as a For Sale, but really just want to pass it along to someone using PE gear that might need another Switch, or as a back up for one they're using now. Haven't tried to sell it, not interested in going through the trouble. Pay to get it shipped and it's yours. PM me if...
  12. cinelife

    Supporting the Kaleidescape Store

    While I'm not looking to upset anyone here with these comments, I feel it's important enough a subject to voice it in the Forum. This is not a one-way blog, your comments matter as well, and being among other things a lawyer, I recognize that reasonable minds may differ. I'll say it plainly...
  13. cinelife

    NEWS: Upgrade Promotion from Kaleidescape

    Kaleidescape is launching a new Promotion. This new Promotion adds additional Premiere components to the list of components that can be upgraded. It also increases the trade up discount to 25%. It is also possible to use this Promo to upgrade your complete Premiere system to move...
  14. cinelife

    Welcome Luke!

    Another Kaleidescape employee (Luke) will be officially posting on the Forum beginning today. Please keep in mind he is always very busy with his work at Kaleidescape, and this will limit his participation to some extent. He will not be monitoring the Forum, but will post when...
  15. cinelife

    Kaleidescape's CEO Forum Paticipation

    To all members: Although Kaleidescape's CEO (Cheena Srinivasan) will be taking the time to comment on Kaleidescape products and services from time to time, please do not expect him to respond to direct questions. His daily schedule, as to be expected, is very busy, and although he has...
  16. cinelife

    IMPORTANT Info Regarding Replacing Drives

    Hi Folks, I suspect not many out there know this, but when upgrading drives using the "one-at-a-time" method (versus full Replication of all content), you lose the ability to re-use those drives as a set, and if they are out-of-warranty, the individual drives cannot be re-initialized, so...
  17. cinelife

    NEWS: New K Strato-S

    Kaleidescape announced the release of the new Strato-S Player. This player includes 12TB of storage and a new 1U rack footprint making it easier to integrate into an existing rack. It can store approx. 180 UHD (4K) movies, or 320 BR titles. Retail is $6,995, but upgrade discounts are...
  18. cinelife

    Unsolicited Marketing

    I've received a couple of complaints from members indicating they were contacted by forum members by PM (private message) and received marketing (sales) related messages. As a remainder, NO member is permitted to reach out to other members with unsolicited marketing material or a sales related...
  19. cinelife

    IMPORTANT: When selling/buying.....

    Just a reminder that it is VERY important to notify K Support (Support@Kaleidescape.com) whenever components are removed from (i.e. sold), or added to (i.e. purchased) a system. Components are attached to specific systems, they are also monitored within these systems. There are very...
  20. cinelife

    Kaleidescape and UV

    Hi Folks, I've been meaning to comment on this for awhile. Some may agree, some may disagree, either way this comment is not meant to be judgmental. I understand those folks that have already purchased the physical disc of a movie that includes UV rights wanting to eventually get that movie...