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    SOLD: M500 [USED - no Warranty]

    M500: $900 ---[USED] ------------Item Info-------------- Originally bought Used on 01/05/2019. S/N: 000000242C70 #Warranty Expired. ------------Ships With-------------- 1x M500 player [Region: USA, with 2 more changes available] 1x Original Power Cord 1x Original brackets and screws for rack...
  2. D

    SOLD: 4x6TB [USED - with Warranty]

    4x6TB KDISKs: $2,500 ---[USED] ------------Item Info-------------- Originally bought Brand New on 12/11/2018. Has been placed in box after about 6 months of use. S/N: WX31D9766NCK #Warranty Expires; 12/12/2021. S/N: WX41D97L2XTN #Warranty Expires; 12/12/2021. S/N: WX41D88CRYX6 #Warranty...
  3. D

    SOLD: DV700 Disk Vault [Like NEW - Warranty ends 04/2022]

    DV-700: $3,500 ---[Like NEW] New Pricedrop Price: $3,300 ------------Item Info-------------- Originally bought Brand New on 04/13/2019. Only used twice, once to insert 24 Blurays, & then to eject them. Has been placed back in box after very little use. S/N: 060300011129. #Warranty Expires...
  4. D

    SOLD: Strato 12TB ---[Like NEW - with Warranty]

    Strato 12TB: $4,000 ---[Like NEW] ------------Item Info-------------- Strato-12TB; Originally bought Brand New on 06/21/2019. Has been placed back in box after very little use. S/N: 050910300439 #Warranty Expires; 06/2022. ------------Ships With-------------- 1x Strato with 12TB capacity 1x...
  5. D

    SOLD: Kaleidescape Premiere & Encore Sale

    I am selling my Kaleidescape system. I live in Los Angeles, CA. Reason for Selling: My 1U server's motherboard is malfunctioning, which was the cause of my recent issues. And since my main current and future needs are mainly geared for the Premiere Line, and not the Encore line. And since they...
  6. D

    Cannot Play Movie, Parental Control Level ERROR

    Hi, I am unable to play certain movies anymore (suddenly), I get the following screen message: ----------------------- "Cannot play movie. This movie is rated higher than the current parental control level. Press OK and then enter your passcode to change the parental control level."...
  7. D

    Co-Star - Strato : No Audio Problem

    Hi, me again. I'm having problems after problems. So I have a Strato and M500 connected via Co-Star. The Strato's "Main" HDMI is going to the Co-Star and the Strato's "Audio Only" HDMI is going to my AVR. Problem is; I'm only getting audio when I am viewing content that is stored on the...
  8. D

    Issue: Strato's Blurry Movie Covers

    Hi, recently I upgraded & paired my Premier system with a Strato via Co-Star. I assume that the new 4K interface screen, the one with the movie covers would look better/more-detailed but they look worse. I get that the resolution of the image hasn't changed, but still, the image and text on...
  9. D

    Co-Star HDMI Switching Problems

    Hi, I'm having issues with my Co-Star. I've connected the Co-Star box to an M500 & Strato12TB. I'm using the cables sent with the box and Strato. And I'm using a Denon X3400H AVR. The issue I am having is that I get a screen with either a static pattern or a blank screen. The issues presents...
  10. D

    Disney Opt In - Newbie Question?

    Hi, I want to understand the 'Disney Opt-In' option. Let me know if & where I'm wrong? If you DON'T Opt-In: 1) one CANNOT download any available Disney movies in the K-store. 2) one CAN import all Disney movies to K-servers, except UHD movies. 3) when using a Disc Vault and switch from watching...
  11. D

    M700 Newbie question

    Hi. I have a question about the M700. Let's say I have hundreds of Blurays in the vault, and they are imported to a Kserver. When I decide to play movie 'A', does the bluray of movie 'A' in the M700 vault have to go around in the carousel and end up in the M700 optical drive to get...
  12. D

    Newbie Question: making shuffle playlist with Scripting?

    I have over 100 concert Blu-rays and like my Music collection, I would like to play all the performances that are on the concert Blu-rays Randomly. Or make a playlist of my favorite performances, then have them played randomly, so that each time I start that playlist, they play in a different...
  13. D

    Newbie Question about Homemade Blu-ray Importing

    Hi, If one burns their own Blu-ray disc, then imports it, does the physical disc need to be present in the system to play it from a server, like store bought Blu-ray movies do? or will it just play from the server without the presence of a disc? Thank you.
  14. D

    Question about Strato integration with grandfathered KServer

    Hi. I was reading the documentation for Strato and Premiere integration via Co-Star. And from my understanding; - They mention that one could choose to keep the imported Blu-ray data on the Premiere servers [while keeping the discs in a disc vault to be playable], but one could also choose to...
  15. D

    Newbie Questions About KDISK

    Hi, I apologize for these newbie questions, but there seems to be lots of caveats to the Kaleidescape environment. Scenario; I buy a old used grandfathered 1U KServer-1500 on this marketplace or ebay. And let's say everything is working well, but it has 3x750GB KDISK and I want to upgrade to...