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Search results

  1. cinelife

    Any idea on James Bond movies?

    I still think we will eventually see the Bond films, the process of bringing those films to the Store is slower because of the various interests involved (existing contracts, various studios, other legal relationships), in addition to Broccoli approval. Jim
  2. cinelife

    FOR SALE: Terra 40TB Server, 2 Strato C players, and over 500 movies for sale.

    @mycool, please update if there are any changes. Thanks. Jim
  3. cinelife

    Any idea on James Bond movies?

    The Bond films are more complicated, the plan is for them to eventually be in the Store, but it is not MGM that makes the decision, or sets the terms. Most of these film are still ultimately controlled by the Broccoli family (Barbara in particular). For a little more than a year now...
  4. cinelife

    Strato with HD TV

    Thanks Mike (and John)! Jim
  5. cinelife

    Price Increase for Strato Players and Terra Servers

    No, they raised the dealer margins as well, but they are reducing the dealer pricing levels from Four down to Two (Silver and Gold). Jim
  6. cinelife

    Price Increase for Strato Players and Terra Servers

    Yes, there was an increase last year, and it was based on tariff and vendor price increases they incurred, according to K. Jim
  7. cinelife

    Price Increase for Strato Players and Terra Servers

    These will end at some point as well, but currently still available. Given these increases, current pricing for upgrades will change as well, assuming the upgrades remain available after March 1st. Jim
  8. cinelife

    Audio Issues

    The Lumagen VP's do a great job on many levels, and I'll continue to use and sell their products, but I have to agree that some of these issues go away when the Lumagen is removed from the chain. It must be difficult to keep up with all the HDMI/HDCP changes that occur regularly, and that...
  9. cinelife

    Price Increase for Strato Players and Terra Servers

    Yup. The biggest increase is obviously the 24TB Terra, and K indicated it was to bring that component more in line with 40TB Terra. Jim
  10. cinelife

    Price Increase for Strato Players and Terra Servers

    Here are the increases: US and Canada MSRP changes Effective March 1, 2020 PART NUMBER DESCRIPTION MSRP BEFORE MARCH 1 MSRP EFFECTIVE MARCH 1 K0509-1006 Strato S 4K Ultra HD Movie Player - 6TB $ 5,495 $ 5,995 K0509-1012 Strato S 4K Ultra HD Movie Player - 12TB $ 7,995 $ 8,995...
  11. cinelife

    Price Increase for Strato Players and Terra Servers

    Prices on these components will increase on March 1st. Dealer pricing categories are being reduced to two levels, Silver and Gold, and dealer margins will increase slightly, and dealers are no longer required to buy demo systems. I'll post the price changes shortly. Jim
  12. cinelife

    HDMI Content Metadata Settings?

    In your setup using the Lumagen and Sony 5000, you do not need to use this option (Transmit content type metadata), the Sony doesn't need the "hints," it will correctly switch between AR's when displaying the OSD and movie content. Not sure about the second question (I think I know the answer...
  13. cinelife

    Movies not added to collections!

    The typical reasons are: Owner didn't correctly add content to a collection (or it didn't work for some reason, perhaps network glitch). Player (or display) being used to display content is not capable of playing the movie you are looking for (i.e. M-class needed for HD content; Strato needed...
  14. cinelife

    SOLD: Cinema One (2nd Gen)

    No warranty. The C1 is not in my possession, you will be dealing directly with the owner, I have nothing to do with the sale other than posting here on his behalf. If interested contact me (see above), and I'll provide the owner's contact info. He is in Nevada. Jim
  15. cinelife

    SOLD: Kaleidescape K-5000 (3U) Grandfathered, Nice Condition, Great Price

    Good luck with that! Yes, that hinge set is $325 retail from K, but it is available. Jim
  16. cinelife

    Recommendations for a Projector Screen

    Only at trade shows, haven't sold, or used, their screens yet, but two integrator friends have, and they indicated the screens were very good, and at a lower cost than would be expected given the quality. Just from a general knowledge sense, I've never heard any negative comments about...
  17. cinelife

    SOLD: Kaleidescape K-5000 (3U) Grandfathered, Nice Condition, Great Price

    I'm surprised it's still for sale, it should have sold, I just sold one for $2800, empty, no warranty. Jim
  18. cinelife

    SOLD: KSERVER-5000 (3U)

    Sold ($2,800). Jim
  19. cinelife

    SOLD: Cinema One (2nd Gen)

    Hi folks, a friend has asked me to list his C1 for Sale. He's asking $2,000 + shipping. Here is his description: Its a 2nd Gen Cinema One - 4TB Grandfathered Does Music DVD region is set to 0, so will import all regions Original box and packaging, HDMI cable and WiFi dongle. New...