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Search results

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    Killjoys Season 1,2 and 4 is on the Kstore but why not Season 3?

    Someone at Kaleidescape didn’t like the season 3? I thought it was a nice Firefly-esque(or Cowboy Bebop-esque) Tv Show.
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    Suggest me a system

    Thank you Josh for the kind words. I made one incorrect assumption when designing my future system. Since I am having Vaults in my system, cataloging without importing isn’t possible with the M500 player. On a Premiere system, the M500 gives you the option to catalog or import when inserted a...
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    WANTED: WTB: M700/DV700 optical drive/ Sony BC-5640H

    I am looking to buy a new or used but functional Sony BC-5640H optical drive. Please let me know if you have one for sale. Thanks
  4. S

    WANTED: WTB: Premiere 3U server - Case only or with 6TB drives

    My target is to have a grandfathered Premiere 3U server with 14x 6TB drives. I am interested in 3U units that has a pathway to this target. Therefore I am looking for a functional Premiere 3U server with one of the following conditions or close -3U unit with 6TB drives (more the better) -Case...
  5. S

    Oppo Digital to gradually stop manufacturing new products.

    https://www.reavon.com/ https://cineultra.eu/ These two new European UHD players are based on the same OEM base design as the Oppo UDP-203/5. Reavon ones seems to be the better one. These came out when I thought physical media was really dead already. I was hoping Mcintosh or Theta Digital...
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    D2D’ed movies but extras cost extra?

    488 vs 458 is a tough choice! One is naturally aspirated and the other is turbo charged but with modern electronics and updated look. I can see why you have both. Berlinetta vs Spider is a though choice in my opinion too. I love everything about the spiders but missing the glass hood over the...
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    D2D’ed movies but extras cost extra?

    Your dealer might be able to loan or lend you a disc server. The savings are significant on disc to digital. The SLS is my favorite car ever. The AMG GT is going backwards without the gull-wing doors.
  8. S

    D2D’ed movies but extras cost extra?

    The web-store shows I own all editions (therefore the extras as well). The OSD shows I own only the 4K version. This problem might be specific to my system only. John is looking into it now.
  9. S

    D2D’ed movies but extras cost extra?

    Unfortunately, you need a disc based Kscape component in your system to catalog and upgrade discs. I started with an Encore system and recently added a DV700 disc server. I can catalog and upgrade 320 discs at a time. It takes a few minutes for each disc to be identified and show up on the...
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    D2D’ed movies but extras cost extra?

    This is what I have instead. I converted the blu-ray for $4.92 to 4K digital. I can watch the film but it is asking $14.99 for the extras
  11. S

    D2D’ed movies but extras cost extra?

    How can I download the HD version?
  12. S

    D2D’ed movies but extras cost extra?

    I converted several of my Blu-rays to 4K digital. When I try to watch the extras, I am asked to purchase them at $14.99. Am I doing something wrong?
  13. S

    Suggest me a system

    I found it. As you said, you need to catalog the titles in the disc changer. they don't show up on Strato because it can't play Blu-ray. So it needs to be on the web browser. Once catalog, use the web store , not the phone app, and go to manage -> disc to digital (or digital offers). Thank you
  14. S

    Suggest me a system

    I bought a DV700 for my Strato but none of the discs I tried offered me disc to digital. Am I doing this wrong? Since Strato can't play Blu-rays, the discs only show on the web browser in the disc changer menu. Do I need them show up on the TV display in order to D2D?
  15. S


    Is there a way to buy box sets/bundles? Do I have to buy the back to the future trilogy individually?
  16. S

    SOLD: Kaleidescape Strato 6TB Movie Player/Server - Sacramento

    I purchased one of the units. It arrived on time and in very good condition. Joe answered all my questions prior to the sale.
  17. S

    Suggest me a system

    This is great news! I will be looking for a dv700 next. Once I catalog a title, do I need the disc in the machine to d2d?
  18. S

    Suggest me a system

    The system won’t tell me. I hear some d2d is a few bucks and some can be as high as a few bucks short of full retail. I won’t know until the system offers me the upgrade (or it won’t offer the upgrade for some titles). I will convert the ones that makes sense to me. Whatever is remaining will be...
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    Suggest me a system

    So Strato + DV700 won’t let me upgrade my discs to digital? I want to see what I can convert to digital before I determine the hdd size I need.
  20. S

    Suggest me a system

    I now have the Strato. I have approximately 3500 titles on discs. I want to convert most of whichever is available in the Kstore to digital. I want to add 3 to 6 disc servers and import 900-1800 discs to a new “to me” premier server. I want to catalog the remaining discs and keep them in their...