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Search results

  1. carajo

    FOR SALE: Kaleidescape Co-Star Brand new $500

    Brand New Co-star $500
  2. carajo

    FOR SALE: Kaleidescape Terra Server 40 For sale with Warranty

    Excellent condition Terra Server 40 for sale with Warranty until December 2021 Includes the original box and packing $10,750
  3. carajo

    SOLD: Kaleidescape M700 Disc Vault for sale still under warranty

    M700 Disc Vault under Kaleidescape warranty until 10/2021 $3450 I can ship it the week of March 8th
  4. carajo

    FOR SALE: Strato Rack Mount for sale

    New Strato rack mount. $150 plus shipping
  5. carajo

    FOR SALE: Kaleidescape Co-star Kit $600

    I have a Co-star kit for sale $600
  6. carajo

    SOLD: Co-star brand new Kit

    I am selling a brand new co-star in the box. I purchased this from Kaleidescape in Feb 2020, it was lost and now recovered. $450 firm. Shipping $25.00 USA
  7. carajo

    SOLD: 3U Grandfathered servers with 136 Total TB storage

    I am selling the following 3U servers 2 Servers configured the same. Slots 1-8 are 4TB (8) Slots 9-14 are 6TB (6) that are warrantied until 11/2020 Servers will be available to ship on or about 8/15/2020 $6200 each-- 6 new hard drives alone would cost you nearly this amount
  8. carajo

    WANTED: Recent stolen Strato S12, 2 6tb drives, Costar

    Just a few days ago my order was stolen off of a truck. Here are the serial numbers in case someone comes to sell it here through a PM or otherwise Strato S12 050910300664 Costar switch: 801000001505 Remember, Always as for serial numbers and check with Kaleidescape or Jim here
  9. carajo

    Kaleidescape and control4 in the Renegade coach

    Just picked up the Renegade motor coach and the first order of business was Kaleidescape for all 3 tv’s I will be installing a video matrix to distribute dish and the strato to all displays. Next is trying to figure out how to integrate the lighting.
  10. carajo

    Control4 3.0

    This new OS for Control4 is looking really cool. Looks like we can have touch panel home page access to a Kaleidescape demo scene or favorite movie without flipping through pages to find your movie or scene. Anyone else using Control4 with the Chowmain Kscape driver?
  11. carajo

    Kaleidescape storage for 180 dvd’s $27,000

    Found an old press release for kaleidescape. Wow and to think I purchased one of these back then. $27,000 and enough storage for 180 dvd’s https://www.kaleidescape.com/press-release/kaleidescape-dealer-network-surpasses-one-hundred/
  12. carajo

    Snap AV Binary 900 Media over IP

    Anyone using the Strato over the Snap AV Binary 900 media over IP?
  13. carajo

    SOLD: Co Star $200

    I have a like new Co Star for $200 including shipping if anyone needs one It's under warranty until 2022
  14. carajo

    Changing aspect ratios and masking systems

    OK bringing what John from Kaleidescape said to this thread. I asked: Regarding aspect ratios that change during the movie, It is my understanding that Kaleidescape will NOT communicate this aspect change to the screen masking. Response: So my question to the users of masking systems...
  15. carajo

    SOLD: Kaleidescape Strato 6TB Perfect condition

    Selling a great condition Strato 6TB includes power supply. warranty until December 2020 $2900.00
  16. carajo

    cinema one first or second gen

    Does anyone know how to tell if a cinema one is first or second gen? Or what the serial number changed to at 2nd
  17. carajo

    25 4K for $499 deal

    Anyone take up K on that 25 titles 4k for $499? Seems reasonable considering many are over $30
  18. carajo

    FOR SALE: 1U servers w/4 X 4tb Drives each- Grandfathered

    I am selling my two 1U servers with 4X 4TB drives each Also selling my M500 player All Great condition--Rack stored since new $2500 per server $1000 for the m500 1 Server Sold and I still have 1 more 1U and the M500 Player
  19. carajo

    SOLD: DV700 Vault

    I am selling my DV700 Vault with rack ears --SOLD Good condition, no issues. $1950 SOLD
  20. carajo

    Movie start playing delay between Encore/Premiere/mixed

    Hi Guys just trying to see if everyone is experiencing the same as me when playing movies. 1: Premiere only system (M500/1U server/M700 Vault) Movies play within 1-2 seconds of selecting 2: Encore only system- (Strato 6Tb) Movies play within 3 seconds of selecting 3: Mixed Encore/Premiere...