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    M700 Drive

    I had a new drive in an M700 last January and it now looks like it’s failing again with the M700 wanting to eject discs. I know that the drive is a Sony Optiarc 5640h but these are no longer available. Has anyone tried any “compatible” drives? many thanks
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    M500 Drive

    Is there a service kit for the Blu-ray drive for an M500 or can you swap for a simple pc drive?
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    Help with 3U Server

    My server has been off for a while as we have been on vacation and busy. I turned it on yesterday and have just noticed that the players were still orange. I went arched on it and whilst the power light is on the drivers are not starting. The fans are on but there is also no network...
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    M700 Not recognising Discs

    Hi I have cleaned the rollers but the M700 will not recognise a disc, every disc goes into the drive and then comes out and wants ejecting. I can hear the drive initialising, but when the disc enters I cannot hear the disc spinning (with the cover off). the drive is a Sony Optiarc 5640h which...
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    VPN - Movies Anywhere

    Hi All Sorry if this question is not allowed on here - if so please delete. Are there any VPN services that are still know to work with Movies Anywhere when you are not based in the US? Thanks
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    Strato with non-4K Display

    If you have a Strato with non 4K display and you buy the 4K title, will it download the 4K version and downscale or just download the HD version?
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    109 Discs Awaiting Ejection

    Hi I just tried to watch a movie and noticed it was greyed out. Scrolling through the list I noticed a number of them greyed out. Having just checked the web interface it says a 109 discs are awaiting ejection and each on in the menu says insert disc. What can cause this....that is a lot of...
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    Strato and Premiere

    HI I currently have a Premiere system and I have not opted into Disney. If I buy a Strato can I have that opted in and leave the Premiere opted out and still link with a CoStar? Thanks Adam
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    4K Movie Purchase with Premiere

    Hi All Quick question. I currently only have a Premiere system and am completing getting a Strato. If on the store I purchase a 4K film will it work in HD for now with my Premiere system and then when I get a Strato I will be able to download the 4K version to save buying it twice? Thanks Adam
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    Server Help

    Hi i don't know if you can help and my dealer is not open until Tuesday. We watched a film yesterday evening and I noticed that the server said that an update was pending. This morning I notice that the M700 is amber, I go to the equipment cabinet and so is the M500 and Server. looking at...
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    Titles no longer working

    I have just noticed that I have a number of titles greyed out (as if the Bluray is not in the vault) but they are store downloads that I have paid for including Gravity as an example (which was disc to digital). Going to the store the version I have downloaded is no longer available but surely...
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    M300 Problem

    Hi I hope someone can help.... My M300 went into a power cycle mode where the blue light would come onto the from and the initialising screen would come on for a while then go off reboot and back to the screen. It would continually do this. On advice of my dealer I tried unplugging for a few...
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    M700 Standby

    Is it possible via either the iPad app or Crestron to put the player part of an M700 into standby like yuo can with an M300/500? I need to have it turn off to make an auto sensing HDMI switch work correctly. Thanks Adam
  14. A

    Vault and Failed Server

    Hopefully this will not happen to many of us but just a point of note... My 3U server failed, it looks like the power supply but I will not know until inspected somewhere, the dealer did not know where but not in the UK. I thought OK I will eject a BluRay for the kids to watch....in fact no I...
  15. A

    3U Power Supply

    Woke up at 3am this morning to find the circuit breaker had tripped and my 3U is on that circuit. Thought nothing of it but it now appears the 3U is completely dead :(. I changed the fuse in the plug but nothing. Is this a common issue for 3U? It is also just out of warranty, typical!!!
  16. A

    Hunger Games Difficulty Reading Movie

    Hi Trying to watch Hunger Games BluRay and it starts to stutter and in the top right of the screen I am getting a "Difficulty Reading Movie" message. Anyone else had this issue on this film or any other BluRay? Thanks Adam
  17. A

    Incorrectly Recognised Discs

    Is anyone else having issues recently with discs being recognised but the wrong language name and cover art being uploaded. I have had the issue with Christmas gifts of Mickey Mouse Christmas DVD's, Brave, ice Age 4 and a few others. I have never had this before so odd to have so many in one...
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    iPad App and Crestron

    How is everyone getting on with the volume control in the app? I have a Music Player and an M300 and M500 and Crestron. Within the KScaspe iPad App I can sleect all zones but volume contolr only works with the M500. All others state that volume control not supported by the control system even...
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    Kaleidoscope and 3D

    I know this was discussed some time ago and I believe KScape said that it was on the roadmap but, at that time, there were only 1 or 2 3D blurays available, so was not a priority. I know that it's also a controversial subject. Some love it, some hate it and some just don't care. BUT, I now...
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    Playback Issue

    On the odd film here and there - as of now Star Trek Generations the video is played as if its a 4:3 film, with th black bars all around the picture. Its actually the Region 1 Widescreen version. Most films are fine its just the odd one that does this played via the M500 player. Any help or...