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Search results

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    2.2 Aspect Ratio

    Not sure how many K movies use this aspect ratio, but had to make some changes for my setup to handle. Normally, for 2.4 aspect ratio movies, my system (which reads the K control information to know the movie is 2.4) lowers the image to the bottom of my 16:9 screen and lowers top masking...
  2. S


    Guess we will be purchasing Mulan to watch this week streaming on Disney+. Will also purchase when it becomes available at the K store. We would have gone to the theaters for this movie, and really will actually be less expensive and a better experience than our local cinema. I know the wine...
  3. S

    Subtitles across scenes in a script

    Would like the ability to turn on subtitles and have them stick across an entire script. Thanks. SJ
  4. S

    Home Router Recomendations

    We have a fairly large home network (80+ devices mostly wired). I use several Dell business class switches across parts of our home. Any recommendation on routers? I would not necessarly need wireless as this is handled with separate access point setup. Ideally the router would have QOS for...
  5. S

    Cheena Interview

    Interesting interview with Cheena.... Cheena Interview
  6. S

    Lip Sync test material

    Would be great if K could add lip sync test material (4K24 and 4K60) the way they now have picture tests for download. SJ
  7. S

    K Control Protocol Audio Request

    The Kaleidescape System control protocol is really good. Example, my control system knows when a 4K HDR movie is playing and can reconfigure my system accordingly (e.g. switch my projector to a different setting) and then switch back for menus (or SDR movies, etc.). This is because the control...
  8. S

    Marantz Strato Dolby Atmos

    We have a Marantz 8805 in our family room zone connected to a Sony OLED. I had two HDMI outputs running from the Marantz to the TV. One Arc and another normal. I really ended up not using the second, but it was still connected. Most of the time when playing a 4K Dolby Atmos movie, I could not...
  9. S

    What’s up with subtitles?

    We often watch movies with subtitles in our family room area (vs. theater). I’ve noticed so many movies that skip sentences, etc. never consistent. What’s up with this? We have an Encore system. Thanks. SJ
  10. S

    Difficulty Reading Movie meaning?

    Seen this a few times and just wondered exactly what it means? I always thought it was a network related issue (eg. Strato playing from a Terra), but recently was doing some work in our system and accidentally pulled the network cable from a switch that connects a Strato with our network, the...
  11. S

    Encore firmware update today to 10.4.1

    Anything new in this? I was on the beta for the iPhone app, so maybe this was the general release? SJ
  12. S

    Deadpool 2 extras

    The extras are listed in the store, but can’t seem to find them on the 4K or HD versions that I downloaded when released. Was this added? I will delete the HD version and try redownloading. I see there is now a super duper cut download that didn’t download when the movie was released. Maybe...
  13. S

    Best K-store downloads for incredible audio

    Try this on your system: https://www.kaleidescape.com/movie-store/movie/details/37641210 Gives any audio system a real workout!
  14. S

    Encore limitations

    I have five K units in our setup. Two Strato/Alto pairs (costar). All four units have storage. We also have a disk server. It is my understanding that I can add a Terra Server(s) to this setup, but no other players with storage. Is this correct? Probably won't be adding a third zone, but...
  15. S

    Star Wars the last Jedi

    Anyone think this movie seems a bit “grainy”? Hopefully the eventual a Disney K 4K version is improved. SJ
  16. S

    Dealer changing

    I deal with a couple of main dealers for all of my AV needs. Anyway, my preferred dealer has now started to sell Kscape products. Does anytype of support link to an original dealer or really I can purchase from ANY authorized K dealer I want to? It is my money. lol Thought some of the...
  17. S

    NBCUniversal HDR Soundtracks

    I know K gets what they get, but many HD versions of their films have Dolby Atmos or DTS:X soundtracks but the 4K HDR versions always offer lower quality sound. Something needs to be fixed on this at some point IMO..... SJ
  18. S

    Store up?

    I've been trying to download the new guardians of the galaxy since early this morning. Still stuck at 1%. SJ
  19. S

    Store Download Speed

    Thanks to K as I'm now consistently seeing around 150 Mbps. Must have made some type of improvement. SJ
  20. S

    Is the store up?

    Things seem to be crawling with downloads today....